Getting priorities ready for college. Any tips for a young blade?

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    So I just graduated highschool last May and I took a semester off school to try to find myself, chill out, smoke some weed, and figure out what I wanted to do with my life. The time has come where I have to figure out where to go from here. I haven't been able to get a job yet, but I figure I really need one to pay for college. But starting next spring I'm going to be taking some classes at a local college for some gen ed and credits.

    What I really want to do is go for the whole college experience. I want to move from the Bay Area to Humboldt State up in northern cali. What priorities should I take over hanging out with my friends and mary jane so I can go to Humboldt and straight chill out over there. :smoke: Any thoughts?

    Any HSU students/grads here?

    Also, what rates do most colleges cost for living/classes? Humboldt is about 5-7 to live with a roomate and a couple thousand for food for 10 months. Do you have to pay for classes on top of that?
  2. worry less
    party more

    and actually study once in a while.
  3. I would recommend looking at apartments and not a dorm unless you just really want the campus life. I lived in a dorm last year and it was a rip off. It was a complete shit hole and I payed about twice as much to live there as I am now to live in my apartment, and I'll be in my apartment for 3 months longer. I think campus life is a bit overrated though, I've met plenty of people at my apartment complex this year and there's a party I could go to just about every night if I wanted to, but I don't really enjoy parties all that much.

    Also, try to develop good studying habits in your first year. All my classes were easy last year so I pretty much never studied and didn't really know how to study so I had a bit of a rough start this year.

    Anyway, just don't spend all of your time fucking around and you'll be fine.
  4. study.

    in college they won't get on your ass so you have to take the initiative. I'm paying quite a bit for my education, but my field is gonna grow 25% in the next 10 years so job opportunities should be excellent.

    I'm also planning on joining the air force so uncle sam can help pay off the student loans i will surely have by the time i get out.

    Basically look into the future of the field you wanna get into, is a great resource for that. It shows the projected future of whatever job/occupation you look up
  5. Stay focused

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