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getting personal

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by critter 11, Jul 2, 2003.

  1. How come no one ever talks to me while l,am on line ?????,l used to love it when things went haywire,lol.:D.just a thought.lol.
  2. Most of the time I'm not here when you are.....Today it seems to be that we are online at the same time....

    It must be getting dark in your neighbor hood......The sun came up here about an hour ago!!!

    So what do you want to talk about??
  3. nothing ,cause l,am stoned and drunk ,lol. or we could talk about the envoirment or world peace.or sex or lack off......
  4. The enviroment will be here when the sun goes down. World peace will only happen when pot is legalised across the world.

    I managed to get a little sex this morning.. First time in three weeks.. Damn that sucked too!

    BTW I don't have any dirty sox.. I washed them all last night!!

  5. Because no one likes wannabes.

    Only Jokin Dude :D

    You should start talking more if you want ppl to chat back at you.
  6. ..........hey babe ,lol,since l do the washing all the socks are clean .l just carn,t match the pairs l have
  7. I always thought they were eatten by the washer.. I wish some one could tell me why they disappear. I have a drawer full of single soxs that need to get married!

  8. HIGH All, sorry just made me laugh.

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