getting past emotional/psychological hurdles.

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    how do you guys get past your fears of rejection etc? the reason i ask is because i personally feel that since my last relationship ended (which ended pretty badly) i've pretty much lost most of my social skills when it comes to dating and relationships. its been more than 2 years and i haven't even done so much as kissed a fucking girl... (flame suit on. go ahead and laugh)

    i feel almost as if the shit that went down with my last relationship has pretty much left me back at square one. its like i've forgotten how to communicate with girls that i'm into. i literally just clam up. this means that i've never actually asked a girl out - all my relationships started with the girl making the move. the one time i did try, i got shut down in a way that really fucked with me (i was young too which didn't help) and i'm just trying to find ways to move on from this limiting factor but its just getting increasingly hard... literally, the thought of even telling a girl i'm into her or asking her out absolutely fucking petrifies me. somehow i feel that race and physical stature do play a role in this too but i've always been of the mindset that girls who care about whats on the outside aren't worth my time of day but i can't say its never been on my mind.

    basically.... im tired of being in the same spot for so long and its immensely painful watching girls i'm into (and they have no idea) slip right past. but day in day out, im finding it increasingly hard to find reasons and ways to get myself back up and running... after so long, its kinda exhausting. i know (well i hope) im not alone in this.. so fellow blades, help a brother out if you can :(
  2. the thought that one day i'll be dead and no one will give a fuck what i did except me (and maybe for 10 minutes that girl).
  3. the first half of this story sounds like me.....
    its shitty bro i feel you...
    you just gotta get out there meet girls.
    get a couple of drinks in you.. just roll with it, who cares if she thinks ur a jackass? do you? i dont....
  4. Honestly its not much to be scared of. Girls are relatively straight forward. If when you approach them they look at you like your handing out pamphlets then don't bother. Say hello or make a comment and walk away.

    If they seem happy you are paying attention to them keep talking and see if you have anything in common.
  5. There's not any trick to it you just have to force your self into what makes you uncomfortable and eventually it gets easier.
  6. u gotta keep truckin, everyone gets rejected.

    look at it this way (honestly, u HAVE to if u wanna get anywhere without it taking 50 yrs if u take this long ot get over rejection every time u try)

    you go up to a girl and stick ur neck out, she bites the fucking thing off and flushes it down the toilet.

    alright, that blows. she's a bitch. now that u have established that, move on and try again.

    metaphorically - u can go to a party and get turned down 50 times in a row, but at the end of the night, after all that rejection, u know theres that once chick who said "meh fuck it im down" whos suckin your dick, and thats all that counts;).

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