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Discussion in 'General' started by Little Wing, May 14, 2004.

  1. I am way more comfortable "advancing" on girls I don't know very well, or havent been friends with for a while.

    But I really like one of my very good freinds I've had for a while. It just seams like it could be so aqward to try and hook up with a good friend. Anyone have any brilliant ideas or experience with this stuff?
  2. no but i can use the advice too...i got a hot friend as my prom date for tommorrow night...
  3. lol luke... my friend went thru this... he and the girl tried goin out for a little..... they ended up just stayin friends.... go clubbin or somethin
  4. walk up to the girl and say "Hey whats up (nameofgirl/sara) sara, yada yada(probably will say not much) then say well im not doing anything on the weekend either, and I was hoping you might want to see a movie with me on saturday. if she says hmmm or something she is testing u fellas!, you must pass the test by saying something funny like, You know what its cool I see how it is ur the princess and im the ugly frog, say it in a cool way, dont be all seriouse, and be confident
  5. whatever you do, do NOT use that line ^^^

    nah im jk, i would just talk to her about it, be like "well you know that we have both been very good friends for a long time, but lately ive been starting to see that i think we could make it something more..."

  6. ya uh huh, thats some real good advice right there. definitly go with that one.

    just play it cool man, be yourself, the person she knows you are. Dont come out and bluntly say it, come up with innuendo's that show you like her, the kind that only a retard wouldnt understand what your saying. Works for me anyways.
  7. That can be a sticky situation sometimes. It's nice because you become involved with a person you know very well, but the downside is that sometimes going back to just friendship can feel a little wierd. And the worst risk of all is losing not only the relationship, but the friendship that was there as well.

    Edit: Moving to the General forum. :)
  8. If there's a mutual connection than things will just fall into place. If there's not then you can't force it to happen.

    This is my opinion and humble it isn't but people look at every relationship with a long term view and that's just limiting your experiences in life. (It works for some but not everyone.) Take what Indy mentioned about how friends who hook up may have a hard time when they eventually become unhooked. Why lose a friend over nothing more than the absence of intimacy? I don't get why people have to hate people that they once loved simply because they aren't together like that anymore. If it gets to the point where one person in a relationship might actually start disliking the other then that's the moment to get out while the getting is good....while you can still be friends.

    Ouch, mini-rant. So sorry.

    Point being....if you can't get it on with your best friend then what's the point of being friends. LOL! Just kidding...............
    ............mostly. ;)
  9. You address a good issue here Jilly. I don't get it either to tell you the truth. And in my experience, it's always been the woman that's freaked out about it, not the man. I always try to remain close to people I've dated.

    Life's just too short to carry around unhealthy baggage is the way I see it.
  10. Well this chick who I was good friends with wanted me pretty bad, but at the time she was underage and I turned her down. We remained friends for a while after that, but now we're just acquaintances and only talk for a few when we happen to run into each other. My advice, make sure she feels the same way before you let her know how you feel. Get your friends to do some smooth investigatory work.
  11. yea, go clubbing.... dance with her.... have a couple of drinks... let her initiate contact :) ......if she doesn't, then you do it... but do it non chalante.... then, just keep on dancing and make sure you hold her tight when you dance with her from the back
  12. Damn, I think I got set back a bit. One of her friends started making out with me last night, and I was drunk and went along with it. Hopefully this wont effect the greater schemes of things.
  13. lol, that is most certainly not the way :D

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