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  1. So flowering is just starting where I'm at. The last few days I've noticed my very top leaves are slightly taco'ing. I'm assuming it's from heat stress but am not 100% sure. I just reluctantly bought a bottle of protekt silica from the dreaded hydro store(I know, I know, it pains me as well to use something bottled and over priced)as I was picking up some BT. I heard the silica can help heat stress and keep PM in check after a wash with green cure as well. PM is terrible in my area.

    Anyone have experience with this? Can the BT and silica be mixed together? I'm hesitant and sheepish spraying this bottled shit, I gave it all up a few years ago. My grow is going well i think besides this minor issue. When I googled some said spraying it in flower is fine, others said the opposite so insight is appreciated. Attached are a few pics of my taco leaves and a video of the grow as a whole. Thanks blades.
    IMG_20170801_163218474.jpg IMG_20170801_163150687.jpg

  2. i add silica to everything from drenches to foliars.
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