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getting panic attacks

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by potparadise, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. well lately, about 1/2 of my highs i get some sort of panic attack. its usually a small one that lasts about 5 minutes but last night i had one that lasted about 40 minutes. it usually happens when im really ripped. does anybody know what i can do to prevent these from happening again?
  2. Whatever you might be worrying about when you are high could cause a panic attack. No one can solve this question but yourself, the only answer we can give you is to just relax and chill, you arn't going to die from weed. It's stupid to even think that.
    Are you really worried about parents catching you? Do you have any mental conditions? Health conditions your worried about? Seriously, we aren't psychic, we don't know what worries you. Just sit down and learn to chill the hell out and use weed as a medicine or stop using it.
  3. I had a panic attack in the store like 2 weeks ago, because the cops were outside, and I was reeking of weed, it was like I was blacking out, but I managed to keep my self afloat, had to sit down for about 5 minutes until my vision and heart beat cleared up..

    Smoked some White Widow.. :smoke: Good high though.
  4. you just gotta chill man...idk why alot of people have these panic attacks...even when shit isnt like it should be in life iv'e never had a panic attack...i just chill when i just gotta chill man..put on so music that suites your high and listen to it during and after your sesh and chill homie...good luck:wave:
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    It happens to me sometimes, just shortness of breath and slight confusion for a few seconds, and then it is gone, and then it returns.

    It usually happens when I am to high. Just learn what it takes to get you right and stick with it.

    I can usually eat myself out of it, if it gets to be annoying/persistent.

  6. smoke less at once, in other words smoke the same amount, but over a longer period of time. This usually only happens when you get really high, as you said is the case for you. Also, make sure you have set yourself up for a good sesh, like having everything you will need ready or close by and that you are not in a stressful environment.
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    Look up CBD CBN and other cannabinoids that are in strains you are smoking. There are other psychoactive chemicals aswell as THC and certain strains or breeds have different collaborations of these different cannabinoid compounds. Your panic attacks only seem to come on half the time. It could be that you're getting different weed and or different phenotype reactions from the same strain.
    I imagine there are certain strains just for that condition. Try purple strains. Stay away from from pschoactive sativas. Stick to cheese or afghan kushy weed. These indica dominants are couchlockers and probably will not cause panic as they are higher in CBD and other cannabinoids known for sedating effects rather than pscho-reacting weed like african sativa's.
  8. I started getting muscle twitches in my chest for like 2 days after I smoked a shitload of salvia..
  9. Look up and buy the Panic Away program online, you can also download it free at Btjunkie. Trust me, get this book, it really works. The one move technique is the shiznit, seriously. I've already helped 2 members on grasscity enjoy weed when they were getting panic attacks by recommending this book. I use it too, it really works. Used to get panic attacks everyday while sober. Now their totally gone
  10. The best way to reduce any anxiety disorder is to learn about it. When you go in for treatment for OCD (and general anxiety disorder) you basically spend 3-4 months doing nothing but learning about the disorder. Once you learn so much about the disorder, you realize that it is nothing but in your head, and you can stop it as easily as you can start it :hello:
  11. You could always have a few beers first, assuming you're the legal age of you're state/country....
  12. what does a panic attack feel like, and how do i know when im having one? Is it one of those things like A.D.D were its more a doctors opinion then actual medical event, or is it a straight up " oh my god" im having a panic attack and i'm freaking out.
  13. i had a mild one once after smoking WAY too much,

    my face turned the most pale ive ever seen it, so i went to the bathroom to check it out
    and it was so white that it started to turn green, i thought i was just imagining it, so i put my hand next to my face to look at the colour difference, and went back into the bedroom where me and some friends were originally smoking,

    i was worried as hell (paranoia), like i was actually scared out of my mind, it felt like the pain in the back of my throat was taking over my body and i could feel it like moving into my chest and down into my legs..

    scariest shit ever, in the end i ended up drinking some water and walking out of the house.

  14. i never get them when im sober, just every once in a while when im high. but when i do get them, theyre really bad and i freak out alot.
  15. Stop getting really ripped. Anxiety or panic attacks aren't uncommon, especially in newer smokers. Overdoing it doesn't make you cool and it's OK to say 'no I'm good'. Just don't get so blitzed and you'll be just fine.
  16. Don't smoke as much and if you start feeling anxious just tell yourself its the weed and if you start getting way to high just crash somewhere and sleep until it passes. OH! and snack on some munchies, for some reason it takes your mind off things, maybe watch some funny cartoons also. I find it always helps if you walk/have someone drive you around rather than just sitting there.

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