Getting overly attached to fictional stories/characters

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    Whenever i read a really good book series or watch a good series on tv, i always find myself becoming very attached to the characters in said stories. I end up wishing i could live in that universe forever. Its really annoying because then when i finish the series i get all sad and depressed that its over. Like actually depressed, not just bummed out. I feel like what am i gonna with my life do now that this is over. Maybe its because i have no life but regardless this really negatively impacts me. There are several series that i never saw the last episodes or finished the last book to because i knew it would destroy me. I like to pretend that the series is still going and that it hasnt ended. I never finished harry potter for that reason, and a whole mess of other books/tv series. So what am i supposed to do, not enjoy my favorite tv and books? Idk man i feel like theres something wrong with me. How can i possibly get so sad over something so stupid when my species hardly even have feelings?
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  2. Well, as far as I know .. fiction is directly inspired by real life. You can still live the real-life equivalent of the fantasies you've experienced in the realm of fiction.

  3. as comforting as that is it doesnt change the fact that these series make me very depressed

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  4. I think this is what makes shows really popular and well liked. If the viewers didn't idealize with them, and really enjoy what they are doing or who they are, we wouldn't waste our free time watching or reading about them. I understand what you mean about getting sad, but there's always the potential to go back and rewatch and see things that you had never noticed before.

    Some things get better with more use, not worse.

    For example, I love Hawaii Five O, but I finished it a while back. Lately, I've been rewatching it, and I'm seeing little things that I had never noticed before that make me laugh and like it that much more.

    Also, I find a new show asap after I finish one. LOL
  5. I felt bad when Breaking Bad ended with Walter White bleeding to death. Poor guy just wanted to provide for his family and pay his medical bills.

    ...Actually.. .. you know what? He only used his cancer as an excuse. He got a kick out of cooking and peddling his product. It gave him a sense of power and control, after feeling inferior and disempowered all his life.

    For fuck's sakes, the guy owned his own house and had one of the coolest cars ever. He was already richer than 99% of Americans.

  6. I feel you lol i'm that way as well.
  7. This immediately came to mind...

    I can sympathize with the feeling, I don't get that into many shows though...
  8. I know you aren't talking about the Pontiac! That thing is uuuuugglllllyyyy haha sorry no offence I couldn't resist.

    To OP you answered your own question in the post. Your life is boring and you need more real excitement. You're the only one that can make that change though. Go do some graffiti or get a pet rat! Find a hobby like growing the ganj which pays off 2x gives you something to do and you don't have to buy more bud
  9. With shows I can get a bit attached but not like when I read a book.

  10. I don't recommend Game of Thrones for you.

    I think it's just a trait of a person who is highly sympathetic, IDK?

    Maybe you need to channel that trait to do good in real life.
  11. I'm definitely the same way man. I've actually never finished an entire TV series before.. but I'm just about to finish like 3 pretty soon here. Malcolm in the Middle being my favourite, I'm sad to see it end.

    More so than with fiction, I feel this way about real life idols of mine. I deliberately have not listened to certain songs/albums/EPs of my favourite artists so that someday I still have something to look forward to.. especially performers who are still alive, so that when they pass on, I can revisit their moments of creation over the years. One of the most absolute, pure joys in life for me is finding a new song by an artist I love. It's like Christmas morning as a kid.

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  12. i cant grow weed, my ship has no light or oxygen for the plants to grow, and i only get to visit earth a few times a month :/

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  13. beautifully said. I never finished malcolm in the middle either, got to the last episode and just didnt watch it, for me the show goes on forever in my heart (well, if my species had a heart)

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  14. I feel you dude I really do. My reasoning is because it gives me something to look forward to and see what they are up to this week and when it ends I have nothing to look forward to and I will never see these characters hijinks again. It's like watching friends come up with insane plans and it is like losing a friend when it ends because you know you will never experience new stuff with said characters.

    After getting out and enjoying life this fades a little bit but when I'm cramped/traped inside with nothing to look forward to I definitely get this way
  15. I wish i had a life xD

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  16. There is no greater thrill for a writer than creating these beautiful portraits of how you see people, then systematically decimating them, using nothing but their own flaws. Its fucking brilliant.
  17. All I want is just to be Kramer's roommate.
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    I feel ya.

    I'm pretty attached to my game of thrones characters

    I take that shit far too serious lol
  19. Nooooooooo john snow!!!!!
  20. Voldemort kills Harry and speaks to dumbledore in the afterlife and comes back alive because he has the resurrection stone, he then proceeds to kills voldemort in an epic battle in front of everyone.
    Oh yeah and he marrys Ginny.

    I know I'm an asshole

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