getting over the paranoia of growing

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  1. I am about a week into my first grow, so far the plants are doing great but I am dealing with one issue, every time i am away from my plants i start getting paranoid about my grow (im not in a medical state), are there any other growers in non medical states with any advice for getting over the paranoia of growing?
  2. prob not posting online that ur not in a med state...or have a card..idk just me lol

  3. You get used to it. Certainly safer them buying from someone down the street.
  4. prepare for the consequences. It sucks, but if you aren't ready to face the music then don't do what you're doing. Picture having to shuffle into court in leg irons and handcuffs... do you have the fortitude to handle that? If not, then walk away from it. Or don't. :smoke:
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    Let the paranoia fuel your basic security tactics. I'm in a medical state but don't feel like being a dick and lying my way to a MMJ card. When you think about taking a short cut on stuff like how your vents look just remember how little you want to be caught. If you built it while being paranoid then it should be safe to assume you are good to go.

    No one wants to go to jail, and very few will get caught vs how many do grow but the above poster is right IMO. Consider the consequences and if they aren't something you're willing to risk then don't.
  6. i never get paranoid so sorry cant help you
  7. better knock on some wood lol ^
  8. Lots of people grow but few get caught. Stealth, safety, and not running your mouth are crucial.
  9. yea my paranoia is slightly diminished by the fact that law enforcement around here is mostly concerned with busting the countless meth labs around, and jimosley thanks i dont know why using my paranoia to work for me didnt pop into my head because thats the exact reason no one knows i smoke except the few people i smoke with.
  10. In Southern California the cops will drag your family into the street and point guns at your kids if they find out about your grow operation. The place I live the cops say they will bust all growers and then let the courts sort them out.
    My point is, we all better be a bit paranoid. Being paranoid is a good thing if you ask me. If the cops don't raid you, your stupid friends will tell your local thieff how to rob you. We have thugs who will do a lot worse to you than cops.
    Stay on your toes, keep one eye open and your mouth shut.
  11. Unless you're dealing or telling people, cops shouldn't have reason to even come near your place in the first place. Having a card is the best <3
  12. Security first. Don't tell, don't sell, and don't smell. Those three will eliminate 95% of what gets people busted.

    Besides that, you just have to get use to it. After a while it gets better, but don't become complacent. In the end, commiting a felony isn't for everyone and you have to decide if growing is for you or not.

    Me, I'm heading to Colorado. Even though I know I can get away with it where I am at, I no longer care to live somewhere that considers me legally equal to rapist and thieves just because I want to grow a few plants for my own use.

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