Getting over the best relationship you ever had...

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  1. i broke up with the first guy i ever had serious feelings for because of long distance. we were both miserable for a month, then I couldn't stand it any longer and drove 7 hours to visit him. I hooked up with another guy on our "break" and I told bf about it. He is still having issues about that, and it's been over 8 months... it's all very confusing...

    FYI, don't do what i did. If you really want to end all things with him, don't contact him AT ALL. and if you wanted, long distance relationships have a tiny potential to work, if you are BOTH willing to, but I personally don't recommend it...

    Ugh break ups suck. i'm really sorry... Just try to have fun with him this weekend.
    And remember, you are the only person you need to make yourself happy. It's super easy to feel lonely and insecure. So just think of this as a challenge, keep trying harder everyday and you'll get over it soon. cheers
  2. I like how he became friends with the ex he said was psycho right after he broke up with me.
    She has a boyfriend but that doesn't mean she can just easily break up with him like she easily broke up with my ex.
  3. There's no telling how long it might take you. Depending on how much of a spiritual impact they had on your life, or how much you learnt from the relationship, you might never get over him. There's always that someone. It's a long struggle, but it'll take months to move on and have the guts to put yourself out there again, whenever you feel you are ready (given your emotions aren't divided between the ex and the partners you have from now on) There's no logic in emotion my dear, enjoy the raw emotion even if it disturbs you forever. It's bittersweet, really...
    But; it's not over if he still wants to be around you. It sounds like a long-term relationship, which is not the kind that is easy to turn into a friendship if he's looking for something else. Are you prepared to see him with someone else if you remain friends? Coming from personal experience here... just be wary of the possibilities here.
  4. Its fucking facebook. Who the fuck cares?
  5. I'm willing to be that sexy bearded stranger:wave:
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  6. Give it time. :D lol

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