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    That's right GC, I'm back to the single life.
    But I don't know how I'm going to get over him.
    I'm thinking about blocking him and his friends on fb with no hard feelings just so that I don't come across anything. And possibly not return his calls or txts or only return a few once in a while.
    But we're going to have one last weekend together (I'm leaving tomorrow) so that the break up isn't so ugly. But we might continue the affectionate thing still even after this last weekend. Even though we will be separated throughout the whole summer since I'm on the other side of Michigan.
    Which yes, will help with getting over him also.
    But I still need to figure out a way to get over him but get back to the close friend/best friend stage. Because we still are very close in that regard.
    BUT HOW?
    He's breaking up with me btw. But please don't look at it as he being the bad person. No one is. He just "doesn't want commitment". And don't say he's just saying that because he wants to sleep around. I understand where he is coming from and you don't know him as well as I do.

    I basically want to know, How did you get over your exs?

    Edit: I'm about to go on a 3 hour drive out there to spend the last weekend with him. He's giving me money for the gas. But I'm nervous.
  2. You came into this world with 2 things, your body, and your dignity.
    Those are the only things you need in life.
    Basicly what im saying is, you were fine before the relationship, so theres no reason to not be fine afterwards.

    Edit: sprry if that came off as a dick thing to say, im very tired but i wanted to give motivational input. Lol.
    I hope everything works out for the best.
  3. I stumbled into some shit from my ex on facebook and it really upset me, but deleting them from your friends looks immature.

    I'm not completely over him, but I've been trying to focus on me. 3 years is a long ass time to be mostly concerned with someone else.

    Oh, and if you want to get drunk and make out with sexy bearded that. It helps :cool:
  4. Time wounds all heals
  5. After my last breakup I worked on myself, I think to be with someone else you need to love yourself a lot first. If you already feel awesome all the time by yourself, then when you do meet someone, it's just adding on top of the awesome, and when it's over you'll probably be disappointed but you'll have the perspective to move on a lot quicker. So be single for a while, take some time to love yourself
  6. It sucks. I'm still getting over a nearly five year relationship that I ended about 6 months ago. Time helps. Getting laid helped.
  7. Truth.
  8. took me the better part of 2 years.. and even then i'm still finding it hard to move on (not because i don't want to, but because its been so long that i've pretty much forgotten how to pick up chicks.)

    so yeah.. even though you're a girl try not to let yourself get to that point... it sucks :(

  9. That's really reassuring that this could continue for so long. Does it make me a bad person to hope and assume that she's having a worse time getting over me?

    Also, I never knew how to pick up girls, so there's that.
  10. I wouldn't say that makes you a bad person... if anything thinking like that helps you move on I guess haha

    At least I know I'm not the only one though!
  11. could you possibly be single with the pedo bear as your avatar
  12. I dont see how you can hope to get past/over the guy unless breaking up is completely mutual. I would advise keeping your distance, as he sounds like he's got other plans.

    **also...the avi is not a pedo bear...but a dancing bear...a la Greatful Dead....props on that ;)
  13. I'm not deletiing them, just blocking them temporarily until the burn cools.
  14. it is a mutual break up. If this wasn't the best relationship I ever had. I would already be over it. But it's different.
  15. PM me if you need to talk about it.

    I'm telling you, the best part of break ups are realizing that other dudes want you and are interested. I'm going to assume (since you are on GC and like the Dead) that you're a pretty cool lady. Go out and have fun. Talk to new guys. It'll get better.

    Or maybe I'm handeling my break up like a each their own. :cool:
  16. Well I've done that before. It helped with the physical part of getting over someone but not the emotional. No you are not a whore. I know it helps other people. Just not me. I'll probably flirt a little but I'm not going to get too physical with anyone. This whole break up is about focusing on ourselves and not trying to stabilize a commited relationship.
  17. Look at it this way. You either get over it or live a shitty lonely life because you never got over it.

    The sooner the better. Death is always lurking
  18. 1. Hide anything you have around your place that reminds you of him. Put it somewhere safe you won't see it by accident. Like an attic or something.

    2. Don't unfriend him and his friends on Facebook, that's immature. But what you can do is hide their updates, so that the only way you can see it is if you visit his Facebook page.

    3. Never visit his Facebook page.

    4. Try to start seeing new people.

    5. Exercise, it releases endorphins and will make you look sexy.

    6. This one is a big one, if you ever feel like getting a little frisky with yourself, whatever you do don't imagine your ex. Imagine yourself being with new people.

    I'll update if I can think of anything else, otherwise hope this helps.
  19. I've never gotten over one of my exes, but I've gotten over wanting her. You just have to love yourself enough to know things will be alright.

    Unless you're a dick or something. In that case, fuck you.
  20. It's hard it really is. Breakups are a definite bond between us gals because we've all been there and we know the ache in our hearts that you feel and how hard it is thinking about all the good times.

    But the only way to get back into the friend stage is with distance and time. You can't expect things to just straight go that route. You need to be away from him and when you feel you've completley moved on then you can hang with him as a friend if you choose to.

    I ended a 5 year relationship with a guy. We had been together since I was 15. It was mutual, but very hard for both of us. We basically grew up together.

    Like someone said, deleting him and his friends/family from facebook does look immature but that's what is going to help you then do it. I still have yet to look at his facebook. It's what I needed to do so I didn't see a constant reminder about him and that he was moving on and what not. I also had to put away all the pictures and gifts and things from him also.

    Youll move on and everything will be awesome. There are other fish out in the sea, I promise, just get out there and have a great time with great people and you'll be fine and move on. Eveyone on gc is here for ya including me if you ever need to chat :)

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