Getting or almost getting caught in school stories

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  1. So i came up with this idea after i was almost caught with a friend and just thought i see how many people have that experience also.
    So heres my story, It was the day of the grade field trip and my friend and I..lets call him Mike,went down to the lake thats right by our school as school started to smoke a joint.
    Every thing was going well , we hit it like 3 time each (flame shit) and proceded to walk back to the front of the building where all the students were starting to gather.
    But as we turned the corner we stared straight into the faces of the princepal and vice princepal.
    They imediatly started questioning us and shit. Mike told them that we saw some balloons down there or somthing.
    So then Mike hands me a piece of gum and the big fat fukin walrus of a VP is like "WHY R U TRYING TO COVER THE SMELL ON YOUR BREATH"
    I just told him i wasnt i just wanted a piece of gum. and the princepal was like "WHY R U SO NERVOUS?"
    So then they checked Mikes bag but found nothing cuz he through the tin he had the weed in the lake. And they patted him down,but not me and im so fukin lucky they didnt cuz i had an 8th in my sock. But yea they didnt find anything so they had to let us go.

    Keep token!
  2. i plan on smoking the second to last day. BEFORE school though. any tips?
  3. Its mellow... It went to the most nazi high school and I would blaze very day before 1st, during break, and at lunch. I never got caught but I did have some close calls.

    Just remember... Your in charge... No one thinks that your high unless you give them a reason too...

    Just never smoke with a large group of kids during school hours, thats what they look for. Just you and a good friend find a chill spot and hit a few bowls and then cruise back to your shitty classes
  4. Don't smoke weed in school. It's irresponsible, and since you're all 18+ (right?) you'd get in pretty big trouble for having bud on school property, it's much worse than regular possession.

    Wake and Bake if you really "need" to be high in class. That's what I did.
  5. IM talking about before. I think people that bring bud or parpehnilia(spelling?) are just stupid. i would never bring anything to school
  6. i agree its dumb. but just make sure you have some cologne on

    and put some visine at least 15min before school cuz when you first put it in it make your

    eyes more red. I would deff. recommend being high in school at least once for the experiance

    cuz its sooooo much more interesting. BUT MAKE SURE YOU CAN HOLD YOUR SHIT

    srry for caps but its very important
  7. i dot get fucked up before school anymore.. i use to alot but then the one day when i WAS NOT high or drunk they breathalyzed me and check my blood pressure and a bunch of shit lol.. so im jsut goin to chill for a little
  8. I spent most of high school at a boarding school, and I lived right above one of the dorm faculty members. A friend and I had Physics together, then a free period, so we'd always walk back to my room and take a couple of hits off this cheap little bong I had. The faculty member below us had a class that period, so we never really worried about it. Then one glorious day all the seniors (we were seniors) got to skip half the day to go to some career fair, and it started the period after our free period. Also, as if the planets had all fallen into place for that day, my dealer got an uber-fresh ounce of Sour Diesel, and I got an eighth. So we spent the period getting way higher than we normally do, and one of the things we always did while we smoked was play our special playlist. So just like always it's going, and as we finish probably our fourth bowl, my friend's favorite song on the list, The Next Episode, comes on, and he gets up to turn it up. The bowl's done so I empty it out, put the shit away, and unlock my door. I started to Febreeze the shit out of the room, and then, seconds after I kick the towel away from the door, it opens, and the faculty member who lived below us walked in. Apparently he was one of the faculty members in charge of keeping an eye on people during the Career Fair, and he got the period off because he had to go down early to help set up. So when my friend turned up the volume the bass got really loud and he could hear it pretty clearly, so he came up to tell us to turn it down. If he'd come up five seconds earlier or we'd taken a little bit longer, he'd have tried to open a locked door, which isn't allowed when students are in the room. If you're in your room and the door's locked, and you don't have a reason why, then they usually drug test you the next day. Long story short, we got really lucky.
  9. i used to get blazed all the time in school- wake and bakes stepping outside during frees. for the most part i never get caught except by my latin teacher once. nothing really came of it, because he was also high at the time.
  10. Yah so same situation except the door always autolocks, but only you and any teacher can open it. SO the exact thing happens, and he is like asking us about when our parents can come to move us out cause the year is basically over, like 15 mins after the last final. THis particular guy was our dorm head and had been really on our asses the entire year, always trying catch us riding dirty haha. Anyways, he for some reason becomes cool on the last day of school and is like "keep the door open it smells a little..." This is after like, 4 of my friends had been expelled in the same dorm for just suspicion of smoking.
  11. when i went to public high school i was smoking a cigarette behind the bathroom in my freshman year, basically just trying to look cool, then i passed it to this girl and as soon as she took it out of my hand an administrator turns the corner and catches us, worst part was that same guy would catch us everyday, usually we would just hear him coming though.
  12. I hate holding or buying bud at school, period. The idea of getting caught seriously scares the shit out of me. So after class my friend who owed me decided it would be cool to slap me a dime out of nowhere. I was like....:eek: and saw my other friend up the hall who always holds my shit. I was like "hey dude, hold on to this or just take it okay?" I give it to him, and him, being high, just opens his palm and stares at it. Not 10 feet away is a security guard giving us the shiftiest fucking look ever. I was like...SHITTTTT. We laugh about it now, but I almost had a nervous breakdown. This was a couple of years ago. We didnt even get questioned or searched or even talked to. Im fairly certain my school just doesnt care sometimes lol. Now I just dont smoke during school, so I dont have to worry about that stuff.
  13. I used to go everyday blazed as balls, as for tips... If you shower in the morning its a great place to wake n' bake cuz the water covers up coughing/lighter flicking and gets rid of the smell on your body, just open a window tho, if your eyes are red use drops, always brush your teeth after wake and bake to get rid of smell and for hygeine, never carry weed/papers/pipe/etc. on you at school, always think and speak calmly and clearly when asked a question, be polite it throws most adults off gaurd, and stay blazed:smoking:
  14. Lol these are some good storys, hmm well ive never been caught or anything but i usually blaze before and the first time i blazed before skool i was so fucked up i could barely walk to class but when i finally made it after buying sum cheetos i couldnt stop laughing all class so it was kinda noticable but the teachers never said anything unless i had to read a paper or something then i couldnt stop laughing but it was all fun!!!
  15. This one time, my friend and I went out for our lunch time "salad" and we parked behind a building. Well halfway through a grape Bambu, our Ex-principal drives up beside us and just looks at us and just wags his finger at us before driving off.

    Needless to say, we looked at each other like :eek: so we got out of there ASAP and smoked the huge roach in my bong.
  16. Nice Stories=) Bubumpabump
  17. funny stuff guys! edibles during school years ago were the way to go! :hello:
  18. I'll share:

    One time I was in the back of the woodshop when I got the bright idea to take a few hits before lunch. So I open the cargo door and stand in the doorway, look to make sure nobody is around, and take a hit. As soon as I finished exhaling my first hit, I looked around again and there were three firefighters in the doorway to the back room laughing at me.

    I immediately went out the door, closed it behind me and hid my weed and bowl behind a small snow bank right up against the wall of the school.

    The firefighters eventually went over and spoke to my teacher, but I never got in trouble. I was pissing in my pants for the rest of the day.
  19. My school went into lockdown while I had a dub of cronic in my pocket. I was lucky enough to be sitting in the back of the room where a window was two feet away, and open. My only class with such credentials lol, thank god. Tossed it. A few kids saw my throw, but luckily none of them said anything.
  20. haha cool firefighters cept they told

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