Getting oils on my lips from my new glass bong?

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    Yeah so I've just got this new american glass upline bong. It's a nice peice and I enjoy smoking through it but it seems to get oiled up a lot from a bong or two. And recently I've been gettin oily shit on my lips. I clean everyday with iso so it's clean all the time. Is it the weed I smoke or the fact that the mouthpiece is really small?
    Edit: just to be clear the tube and mouthpeice is really small in diameter like i cant even stick my little finger down the tube. 

  2. you aren't smoking flower out of a mini tube are you? post up a pic, really small tubes are meant to be used as oil rig.
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  4. def not an oil rig.  I really like that shop BTW, good choice.  Sorry I can't help but I've never heard of something like this and I'm not sure what you mean by getting oily stuff on your lips.  
  5. basically the oily stuff you get caked up in your bong is getting on my lips. I mean ive got big strings of oils after one or two bongs inside the bong thats why i clean so often. Just hoped someone had experienced it before and could suggest something
  6. How big are the bowls you're packing? I've experienced the same thing lol Getting a resin like substance on your lips after hitting a fat bowl? If so, all I can say is pack smaller bowls...?

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  7. Well there a decent size like. I've tried that and it will probably work but I have had oils on my lips from a smaller bowl so I don't know. I'm thinking about getting a carbon filter for it. If it keeps the bong cleaner then it keeps the smoke cleaner so in stoned theory lol it should stop oils gettin on my lips.
  8. is it possible that the rreduced neck is concentrating the resin on to your lips? iss the smoke yellow at all when hitting it?
  9. That could help. The reduced mouth piece might be apart of the issue as well. Try a carb filter, or ashcatcher.

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  10. I thought that originally it can get yellow yeah. I thought because the tube is so thin it may concentrate the oily smoke.

    Yeah I'm just gonna order a carbon filter try and clean the smoke up abit. I thought the upline perc was supposed to help with that.

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