getting new bong need help!! :)

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    hey im currently shopping for a bong between 125-200$ I saw those stemless bongs and look awesome!! I am currently aware of fake glass like those roors or pure glass etc. I saw on some other site a PURE glass bong wich is stemless with a quad disc perc at 129$ I dont know if it's a ripoff but this site looks pretty legit. I went on the official pure glass website and the bong wasn't there? Anyone can help me find out or anything :hello:

    If not..would be nice if anyone can help me out. I heard of those people that make custom glass but I don't know if asking them to make those percs/stemless and everything will make them much more expensive. Thanks guys..
  2. A stemless, quad disc with a reinforced joint standing at what? 20 inches? That's a hell of a deal for $129.
  3. Yeah I know but like i said there's a lot of fake bongs out there im afraid it will have huge drag cause of the way its made (china glass or wtvr..) and the quality of course. I don't understand the disc perc very well but it looks so nice!! I love stemless bongs
  4. So is this a ripoff or not?
  5. well for 129 it has to be a ripoff haha
  6. Yea dude PURE is just china glass. Id pass buddy!
  7. Not all PURE is china, they use boro... but that doesn't mean it's quality made. I would also pass. I'd go with a quality stemline (of sorts) to single perc.
  8. apix wont ship to canada

    for stemless for 150 idk man you might get a stemline but thats about all
    might have to think about going with a quality straight or beaker
  9. Any known glass blowers that make bongs in canada or that ships in canada?
  10. Look up brotherswithglass
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    That's not a PURE tube. Its a Smoke Tower bong. They mostly make TORO knock-offs. There's some imperfections in the glass and their trees don't fire that well... but they are thick, decently made. Showerheads work well and there isn't much to a disc and 4 of them... is MIGHTY. Drag, won't be an issue on a disc diffused. Unless, its got pinholes, which I seriously doubt. That thing probably pulls bubbles all the way to the top.

    I'd pull the trigger at that price.

    EDIT: I take that back, I just looked it up on their site, its a PURE. China glass, but much higher quality than the usual stuff. Let your own tastes of how the product works (function over form), before you let something like that influence you. You'll miss out on some fantastic, affordable pieces that way.

    EDIT II: Looks like 5 hole discs, maybe. Doubt, much drag. Reinforced stemless, solid base, looks thick (its 5mm)
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    You think it will have a lot of drag? :( Where should I put the water if I have four discs im kind of confused :p
  13. You'll have to play with the water levels yourself. YouTube should have some good water level tests for discs. Though best way, is to just play around with it, you'll find a spot, you like.

    No, you should not run into a lot of drag.
  14. Yeah my friend had a pure and damn I could milk it haha he had like a huge beaker bong with a tree perc was sick he moved though.. I guess they are good quality then but no inline

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