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Getting my tonsils out - can i smoke?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Moto823, Apr 6, 2008.

  1. My doctor says its time to yank my tonsils.

    I know there are members who have had this before. How long must I quit before the surgery? And how long until I can smoke again? I could just bake up a nice batch of cookies for afterwards :D
  2. I wouldnt recommend smoking at all during the process. (healing time included). I personally would quit a good week before the operation but thats just because im always iffy of those anastesia meds and crap. People can have allergic reactions to those that can be pretty insane and thats always sort of freaked me out. :p

    As for after the operation? Id say once you get the ok to eat solids (like chips) again then youre probably ok to start toking. I remember when i got mine out and for a good 5 days or so after the operation i wasnt in any hurry to irritate my throat with smoke of any kind. The scabs werent fun to deal with. Who knows though the whole operation and healing process may have improved since i got mine out.
  3. just take a little hit with a friend and see if you like it, if it hurts dont do it again, experiment niggie,but if you quit, give yourself like 2 days before you get them out and then when you get them out make sure you get some pain killers, like some hydrocodones or some lorcets. and just take those and try to make em last i know they are amazing imo but im a addict to pain killers so yeah just survive off those pain killers untill they get better
  4. I wouldnt recomend smoking until there healed man, Im in the stages of healing, I got my tonsils out 6 days ago and still hurts like a bitch,<b>
    I was reading and I guess smoking can cause the wounds to start to bleed again and you would have to go back to the hospital which would suck

    conclusion- I wouldnt smoke until your scabs have fell off and try making some firecrackers because thats I did and was a very happy man
  5. I was thinking, i could eat the weed after - bake some brownies, nice and soft to eat. It will ease the pain and give me something to do since i am stuck at home for a few days following.

    Will the thc in my system have any effect on the anesthesia? Ive been smoking every day for almost a year, quitting 2 weeks prior should be enough?
  6. yeah, it should be. The thc wil not have any effect on the anastesia. It's jsut another drug in your system, however, unlike marijuana, it doesn't stay in your system for very long. The only thing you have to worry about is the smoke irritating your throat. I would do the same, according to the post above, as to not smoke until the scabs fell off, or when they start to itch. Itching means healing.
  7. I'm getting my tonsils out in about a month and I was planning on doing the same thing.
  8. Yea

    Munch on a brownie when i wake up, eat one for lunch, again for dinner...be baked all day! haha
  9. man, sucks you can't smoke it for a bit. when are/did you get your tonsils out? atleast you can eat it though :)
  10. My operation is june 16th i believe.
    I think ill quit like 1-2 weeks before. Bake some brownies day before... and ill be set.
  11. I'm just hoping that my doctor will throw enough painkillers at me that I won't need to worry about smoking.
  12. haha

    bud is my painkiller!
  13. i'm getting my tonsils out on the 16th as well. i stopped smoking yesterday..but i really wish i could hit the bong. i was planning on making tea with weed. i figured the warm liquid would feel good on my throat and the recipe i found is supposed to keep you steadily baked through the day. :)
  14. hey i just got my tonsils out 3 nights ago first night i was perfect the pain was a complete 2 out of 10 2nd night was getting better and then stupidly i smoked weed =___= had bout 8 cones and now it hurts like HELL! is my tonsils infected? i'm currently sucking on ice, eating soup (as thats the only thing that goes down) but the pain gets harsher and harsher is this normal?

  15. Days 3-5 are going to be the worst I believe. If you are really paranoid about an infection, just go back and have your doctor check it out. You just got a part of your body removed... it is going to hurt quite a bit.
  16. If you smoke cigarettes, you can ask when you'd be able to do that again. Otherwise just make edibles/tea.
  17. I smoked during the operation - you should be fine.
  18. I have no solid "yes/no" answer based on any facts, but having gotten all 4 of my tonsils out a couple years ago I think I can lend some good advice. The day my tonsils were removed I was too swollen & loopy to notice any real pain, but the 2-4 days following were bad. The meds I was given didn't make me loopy, but were only to lessen the swelling & relieve some pain, which weren't that effective. Since you'll essentially have 2 or 4 open sores in your mouth, I'd wait to smoke until you feel you can comfortably eat hard food. At first they recommend yogurt & slurpees, then once the sores begin to heal, harder foods are easier to bite down on. It's then I'd begin resuming smoking. And I don't think making pot brownies or firecrackers will affect the meds you're taking as long as it isn't within 4 hours of the operation.
  19. hmmm well i did right up until the day of the surgery. I had a pretty rough recovery, but that was due to bad reactions to all the pain meds they gave me. After that though, once i started smoking again about a week and a half after, i seemed to heal faster? hmmm...i love mj :)
  20. I personally just got my tonsils out, and smoked the day right before the surgery, and I am now on day five of my recover, i must say the first two days werent bad, and now it sucks, im going to refrain from smoking, but two of my friends of electronic vaporizers? not sure if they are a good idea or not, but i suppose we'll find out!

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