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Getting my sister to smoke with me.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DryMouthHacker, May 4, 2011.

  1. My sister and I used to hate each other when we were younger. Then she went to college and started smoking. She didn't tell me, but I always knew she did bc she had a roach clip keychain, plus I could just tell. Then I went to college and started smoking. Now me and my sister are really good friends bc I am always watching her kids, and sometimes I crash at her house. The problem is her husband is not a fan of weed so she doesnt smoke anymore. I would love to have a chill session with my sis, but I don't really wanna give her husband a reason for hating me bc he's a pretty cool dude despite his obvious flaw. So you think I should ask her to?
  2. Fuck the husband up if he says anything?
  3. Your sister will loveee you. Go for it. :)
  4. Is he not a fan of it? Or does he completely hate it? Because if he's just simply not a fan, he might still appreciate some brother-sister bonding time over an herbal refreshment
  5. the only advice i would give is approach her away from grumpy billy and ask her about it and maybe GO somewhere? idk what your preventions are but if u can get out with ur sister and go grab some much while you're out or something.
  6. He is against weed. He has never smoked
  7. this statement looks like it came straight from a vonnegut. i love it for some reason.
  8. Sucks for her
  9. It really does. She should be pissed that he doesnt
  10. sometimes that's a sacrifice you have to make to make a marriage work. she shouldn't be pissed, she obviously accepts him. i personally don't really trust anyone that doesn't smoke.
  11. just say you gonna have some sister-brother time... smoke out and go watch a movie or have dinner, doesn't always have to be a sit down "session".
  12. I love smoking with my sisters, it's an awesome bonding experience if you guys are tight. Couple years back I smoked with my little sister and cousins in the stairwell of a nice hotel during our family reunion haha. It definitely doesn't hurt to ask if you think she's down.
  13. The 'simple' solution would find a time that her husband is out of town and he kids are being watched by someone for a day, and get her to hang out with you for the day.

    That, or get her husband to watch the kids for a day so you and her can have some brother-sister time. Offer a smoke sesh and hope for the best. nothing more you can do.
  14. may not be a wise decision since they trust you to watch their kids if the husband finds out you smoke drugs he may not want you hanging around them just think about what your sacrificing first before you decide to risk everything for a "sesh with your sister"

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