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Getting my newbie friends high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by docrevolt, May 8, 2011.

  1. I have two friends, both of whom have smoked just a couple of times, and neither of whom really felt anything. One of them gets kinda giggly and then instantly feels sober, the other just sits there and keeps on reiterating how she doesn't even feel even slightly different. What the hell? I love inviting them along to smoking sessions but they really never get high. What's going on? I sure as hell got beyond high my first time, but my friends apparently aren't as lucky. So my basic question is, why aren't they experiencing any sort of high?
  2. I'm new to the herb but I got high off my ass the first time I smoked. I heard about people not getting very high or not getting high at all. That just made me want to try really hard to get high.

    First suggestion (You've probably done this): Make sure they are breathing right. They shouldn't be smoking it like a cigar or anything. Get it deep!

    First and a half suggestion: Make sure they are in the mindset that they CAN do it. If they feel like they can't, they probably won't.

    Second suggestion: Have someone else do the lighting and plugging the carb and such. Have them focus on taking in as much as possible then holding it in to let it sink in. This might take a time or two to get an idea of how much they can take into their lungs but it helps.

    Third suggestion: Tell them to nut up and take man hits. If all else fails, toke harder. Alternatively since at least one of them is a woman, tell them they are making girl stoners look bad.

    Best of luck!

  3. They actually have both never smoked from a bowl/bong/any kind of glassware, just joints. Which actually means I should probably try bringing my bowl along next time they're gonna be there since I've noticed it's much easier to take a massive hit from one.
  4. Make it as easy as you can. A nice smooth hit should help a lot for them to really relax enough to take it in.
  5. Get them some edibles.
  6. tell them to fucking inhale. dont let them do that bullshit where they fill up they cheeks and make a fish face to blow out the smoke. tell them you want to see it come out there nose.then you know they inhaled. then they will be feeling something.
  7. ^ Those could work. However, edibles doesn't teach them how to smoke for future reference and it takes more work. I get a great image of someone screaming at their friends because they don't know how to smoke. He takes a few hits, realizes it wasn't worth the energy to yell at them and then allows himself to indulge in his favorite munchies. I think THCeXtractor's technique may be a bit harsh, especially if they actually WANT to get hi and they aren't being forced...
  8. U only have 2 friends??
  9. make a gravity bong and push that shit down into their lungs. If you make it right they will not be able to avoid getting high

  10. Haha obviously not what i meant, I just have two friends that are suffering from their inability to actually get high.

    And Marijuana Time, I'm actually considering that, except gravity bongs can be pretty harsh to smoke from for beginners.

    Regardless, last night I gave one of the friends a gram of the strongest Sour D I've ever had, she's gonna try to smoke the whole thing in one sitting while inhaling as much as she can, hopefully she'll get it right and actually feel something for once. Honestly you could probably get a contact high just from inhaling the secondhand smoke from that stuff, it's crazy.

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