Getting my license tomorrow hopefully!

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  1. So i've been 18 for a while almost 2 months now, but i never bothered to get my permit until a few weeks ago. I scheduled my license test for tomorrow! Im so scared im not gona pass! I reall want too, but i don't even know how to parralel park... i gotta say though i'm amazing at everything else, one of the best drivers i've met
  2. How did you meet yourself? Parallel* really* only minority women drivers don't pass the driving test.
  3. I'm 21..getting my class A CDL next week. I have a 48ft trailer and 10 gears to shift through...and your worried about driving a car? C'mon maaaan.
  4. About 8 years ago my buddy had another one of our buddies go and take his driver's test for him.

    I'm sure you could get in major trouble for it now, but in Michigan the SOS doesn't admin the initial drivers test, a secondary company does.
  5. You might not have to parralel park. Idk where your at but in Oregon you don't have to. And the driving test is super easy. Remember exaggerate turning your head to look both ways and stuff like that or you well get marked down.
  6. I failed my parallel park during my driving test, but that was the only thing I failed. I passed the test and got my license. It was just because I was nervous. I can parallel park better than most people now.
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    Yeah like i know i'm a good driver... i just don't know how to paralel park, my mom is super annoying too.. Everytime i drive with her she tells me i'm doing everything wrong.. I NEVER AM! I'm about to go practise just so i can pass this lol. My mom was telling me when you parallel park they measure how close you are to the curb....
  8. Nice dude. The test isn't that hard, at least it wasn't for me. All I had to do was drive a block, park, turn around and drive back. Passed with flying colors.
  9. i never had to parallel park. I just pulled into a parking spot and the guy was like "ok, now tell me what you're supposed to do. ive got shit to do, dont want to waste my time."
  10. The DMV practically hands licenses out; have you seen drivers these days? You shouldn't be worried driving an automatic is idiot proof. My first car was a stick shift.
  11. i took drivers i never had to take a test to get my license.
  12. Alright so my only problem is really parallel parking, like i can do it... but i end up being like a few inches further from the curb than i should be.
  13. I've never had to parallel park before.
  14. seriously just don't run into anything or drive on the wrong side of the road or something and you're golden.
  15. [quote name='"marsd95"']Nice dude. The test isn't that hard, at least it wasn't for me. All I had to do was drive a block, park, turn around and drive back. Passed with flying colors.[/quote]

    That's what I did, I was in neighborhoods the whole time, barely on main roads
  16. Yeah im not really that stressed at all, otherwise my thread title would be something else lol. Now i just gotta save up for a car, and insurance :(

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