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Getting my girlfriend to smoke with me

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by CoreyR, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. So I have been talking to my "girlfriend"(long story) lately about smoking with me, and she says that one day in the summer she'll be up for it.
    My question to all of you is, what should I start her out on?
    I personally started smoking blunts for my very first time, But i heard that that might not be the best way to start out.
  2. probably joints...
  3. Hmm funny story..
    I smoke weed at least once a day for months now. And not once Have i EVER smoked a joint.
    Always either do bongs, my bowl, or blunts. Love blunts

    Just never done joints idk
  4. something preferebly eaten or in a paper, with my expirience alot of newcomers find the concept of inhaling through a bong or water pipe extremely confusing, so just tell em whats up and show them the ropes and hope they are interested:smoking:
  5. OH thanky ou.
    My brother deals shwagish weed.
    Im going to try out some edible things today, see how they are. Nice thanks for reminding me
  6. bowl
    something glass but not complex
  7. I do NOT recommend starting off on edibles.

    When eaten, THC is metabolized much more slowly and travels throughout your digestive system. The effects are noticeably different than when smoked. The high takes longer to come on, and the duration is much longer. To someone who isn't familiar with THC's effects, this could be too intense and uncontrollable for comfort.

    If this is her first experience with cannabis, smoke with her. I suggest rolling a joint. But if j's aren't your thing, then (as others have recommended) use a simple glass piece.

    This is all assuming (and I trust you when you say it) that she's open to it and wants to try it :)

  8. Agreed. I was in a similar situation. My girlfriend smoked with me a few times but did not get high. She insisted that I made her firecrackers because she'd seen me eat them and saw how high I got. I gave in and made her one and she got really high and puked her brains out. It was all good because she was still having a good time lol, but she was too high for sure...

    I'd say roll up a J, use a roach or filter thing so it's easier to hit, and get blazed together in a nice relaxed setting. Somewhere she's very used to, maybe let her pick out the place.
  9. From a girl's POV, let her choose what she wants to smoke out of. My first was a 3-foot PHX just because I wanted to get as high as I could. Having options for her is a good thing. On the other hand if she doesn't know, try doing something that she feels most comfortable with. Cause if she has a bad experience, I know for sure she won't do it again. If she knows how to smoke a cigarette then try a joint or if not try a glass piece with good green. Dude, it's your "girlfriend" save some money for some fire-ass stuff.
  10. through a bong with water and ice for sure. i got my gf to try it once out of my pipe and she hacked for like 5 minutes and won't try it again... oh well her loss
  11. Let her smoke out of a bong... make sure it's a "pretty" one.;)

    I think she'll enjoy it very much after that.

    My first time was from a bong and it totally turned me onto pot. Haha. It's still one of my favorites.
  12. If Shes small i wouldnt recommend anything small. especially bongs. I find some girls dont get the concept of them. I'd say a joint or a bowl and you might wanna hold the carb for her.

    they dont get that either.
  13. i agree with letting her chose.
    i have the bud out and any equipment and let her pick what she wants to hit out of.
  14. The first time my wife smoked with me it was a blunt and was too hard for her, then other day we tried the joint and she loved and bongs too, me specially prefer the joint and the Ice Bongs ! One Hit and u r in the Moon singing with Jimmy Hendrix (Oh Purple Haze)
  15. use a bong because the harsh coughing from pipes and joints can be enough to turn people off from it
  16. give her fresh shotguns, if shes your girl then that's the best way to get her used to the smokey feeling and its fun for couples lol. Then after that let her use a device of choice, perhaps a pre-milked bong, so it is nice and cool and she can just inhale nice and simple. Not nearly as harsh as j's or simple glass pieces.
  17. I started my girl on blunts. Guns is the way to go
  18. ya i agree with some of the people above, milk the bong a couple times and clear it yourself to show her how, then milk it for her and let her clear it....

    i wouldnt fully milk it unless you have an ice catcher and its really cool for her
  19. Lot's of new smokers don't continue because of the discomfort of coughing, you can buy some dark chocolate (hersheys works fine) and have her eat a bar. Theobromine, a chemical in chocolate, has been proven to be more effective at suppresing coughs then prescription codeine.
  20. a waterfall...not a big hit, but a waterfall i think is easiest for newbies bc you really cant screw up the inhalation just pull air thru a bottle...same as a bong but i think less intimidating...fill the bottle, you hit most of it, and give her the rest, or shotty it to her

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