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Getting my first job tomorrow.. Tell about your first job.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Hippie3152, Dec 8, 2011.

  1. So tomorrow their is this place that's hiring its a telemarketing place close to where I live. Pretty excited I can stop being a asshole and stealing and borrowing cash. And instead of buying a gram/dime.... I will be able to buy Eighths, Quad's, Oz's :D im so pumped...

    Telling about the job part.... Dont be like babysitting or some shit like tell about your first real job :D.
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    first job was at a local golf course haha. It was dope we got to golf free every tuesday and thursday when there werent tournaments. I dont know if i would calll it a job though; the work consisted of quickly raking the divets at the driving range, and then driving around in the carts hoseing down the hill so we could do 360s down it. hahaha drive around and smoke infront of the members it was more of an activity. :cool:

    edit: i also only made about 50 bucks a week.since it was like a 3 hour shift even if you worked everyday you only make like 175. there were actually weeks where my pay check was 14 dollars. ha, the good ole days.
  3. Don't call me during dinner!
    My first job was as a dishwasher in a family restaurant. $3.80/hour. Hated it.
  4. My first job was working for giant as a bagger/cashier. 7.65 and hour, and they had me working 7 hours a day with about 2 days off a week. It felt like slavery, but those pay checks made it hard to quit. . .Finally did though, and I regret it. . .

    now i work at a local cafe making 7.25 an hour and Ive only worked 3 days in total after being hired 2 weeks ago. But they take into account that Im a student.
  5. At a small children's amusement called Gilroy Gardens. It taught me how to NOT parent, and how annoying supervisors can be when they're younger than you were (17 at the time). I really wanted to be high all the time while working there, but I know that's just a bad idea.
  6. My first job was a seasonal gig being a stock boy for a fireworks tent. Pretty chill.
  7. My first job was at Sea World in San Diego - Summer 1987 - I was 16, and I worked in the Whale Shop right outside of the fairly new Shamu Stadium. As you might imagine from the name we sold nothing but whale related merchandise - which really annoyed us when a guest would come in and ask for something Dolphin related.

    It was a great Summer - the leads in the Whale Shop always over-scheduled and they would send someone to other stores when needed and I ended up being the "go-to" guy for doing that - in one week alone I worked at something like 4 shops. One night I even got to dress up as Shamu for the Shamu photo kiosk and had pretty girls sitting on my lap all night.

    Back then it was owned by Harcourt Brace & Jovanovich, a text book company, and the employees were treated LIKE SHIT. We called it Slave World behind the scenes.

    GREAT first job, one I have nothing but fond memories of.
  8. Haunted House, what more can i say.
  9. Movie Theater :) Best job ever when your a teenager lol free food, free movies and u get 2 screw around all day :p Alot of the time, my supervisor and manager knew i was stonnnned and didnt give a shit haha
  10. Reebok cashier, haha super easy job it was fun.
  11. first job ever: waitress at a german restaurant. all the free food I wanted. I gained about 15 lbs. it was the bomb though.
  12. 15 years old, bagged at a grocery, store, $5.70/HR...1998
  13. My first job was at dairy queen and was some straight bullshit. I was there for like 2 months, made like $500 but got fired for bulsit. They didn't like me, they never gave me no training and put me straight to work which I fucked up a few times as I had no dea how shit worked. Some bullshit. Havent had a real paycheck job since. To make money I just do a bunch of side jobs like, drug dealing, buying stuff and then selling, playing video games, cleaning peoples yards, jacking people I don't like.

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