Getting my first hand pipe...

Discussion in 'General' started by stew, May 26, 2009.

  1. Hey,
    So I'm going to buy a piece(a spoon) from one of my friend's friend, so once I get it I will clean it out and all that but my one concern is a case for it. My friend has one that has a nice simple sown pouch with strings to tighten it. I just want something that I can bring with me and that will keep the smell inside and no cep out.
    Hope there's something out there!

    I guess it's not really a hand pipe it's actually a spoon, my bad!!
  2. sounds pretty cool. what kind of pipe is it?
  3. Look for someone who drinks Crown Royal and ask them if they have one of the pouches it comes in, Its pretty nice.
  4. that's actually a good Idea, but I don't know anyone that drinks Crown Royal and I don't drink much myself, any other Ideas???
  5. don't know if this is allowed but...bump
  6. make one yourself, if you can

    or maybe a glasses case
  7. that's not a bad idea(the glasses case), but what would be something I would make? and remember I would like to be able to carry it around...
  8. just get some tough fabric and sew it up to match your pipe, then sew a drawstring into it

    bada bing
  9. That is a GREAT Idea! thanks! +rep!

    If anyone has any other ideas lemme know! In the mean time I'm going to try and make this...ha
  10. Paper Towel + Rubber Band that shit :p
  11. If you make your own I'd try and use Velvet.

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