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Getting my card in Michigan (questions not related to eligability)

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by metallica2k1, May 29, 2009.

  1. I have IBS. I know I can get a card for that after having done some more research (I posted about how I was unsure in another thread). However, I am a bit confused. I looked up the THC Foundation in Detroit, and I was all set to get the ball rolling with them (faxing my medical records, making appointments, etc) until I saw on that you can get any doctor to sign the Physician Recommendation. Seeing my GP will cost me nothing, while an appointment at THCF will cost $200, so I'm thinking of trying my regular doctor first.

    I have no idea of her position on medical cannabis, and I really have no idea how to approach her about it. Is it even a good idea to go to my GP to try to get a recommendation? She already knows I have smoked before, not sure if that will be a factor. I like to be honest with my doctor (except when it comes to how often). In reality, I smoke every day to relieve the IBS.

    I was thinking of just saying something about how I've been using marijuana to treat my IBS for a while now, how well it works, etc. Any pointers on that? Being 21, I want to do what I can to avoid looking like I'm just trying to get high legally.

    The one aspect of this I am concerned about is that she hasn't suggested much so far for treating the IBS. I tried changing eating habits under her direction, but that's all so far. I'm concerned that she will try to suggest other things to treat the IBS without even considering giving me a recommendation because of her possible personal bias against cannabis. I already found something that works, and there's now a legal avenue for me to possess it. All I'm trying to do is go through the legal avenue and not have to worry about being arrested for treating IBS. Would something like that be good or bad to mention during my time with my doctor?

    If she isn't pro-MMJ or everyone thinks this is a bad idea, I will just go to THCF and pony up the $200. I would appreciate any help you guys can give me. I've already done my fair share of reading to try to educate myself, but these are things I would prefer individual experiences on.
  2. Well, I would be honest with your primary care doctor, however she does not have to assign MMJ or may even be ok with doing so. I have found that alot of doctors are afraid of loosing their license even after the whole bill concerning the feds taking medical licenses etc..

    If I were you, I would just goto the THCF and do it that way.. If you go through your P.C.P. they do not have resource lists to give you. The TCHF does have these resources that you will find very helpful. Also, I am not sure if it is different state to state, but I am thinking you can get a MMJ card for $150. They have discounts for people that do not make a rediculous amount a month.

    Good luck to you, I have Crohn's, which is kinda like IBS so I know how important your medication is. Take care!
  3. Thanks. I know that most GPs are not comfortable with recommending MMJ, so I thought of a possible alternate way to bring it about. Instead of just starting in with the "I've been treating my IBS with cannabis" I could use a more subtle approach. I'd go in with the intention of merely informing my GP of my decision to get a medical card for my IBS, and to get her medical opinion on a decision I've already made. I think it would save time as well as the "oh try this pill instead!" type of rigmarole.

    Does that sound like a better idea?
  4. I think that sounds like a good approach. I was nervous when I went in to talk to my doctor. We went through the entire appointment as if it were a normal checkup. At the end, I told him I had a question. I mentioned I had been following proposal 1 and the medicinal marijuana program. I told him I had been using for 3 or so years (though it has been much longer) and that I found in beneficial (not only pain, but increased appetite and slower bowels). I simply asked if he wouldn't mind being my sponsor. He was completely for it, granted he is an MD practicing holistic medicine and has known me since I was diagnosed ten years ago. Just be professional and see what your doc says, it can't hurt. Best of luck!

  5. Thank you sir. And thanks again to the other guy. I'm going to go with the "I've made a decision to get my card" approach.

    It's definitely a weird feeling going through the process to be legal. It's nice to have the Google and GrassCity to guide me (as well as my own mind of course). I was saving money for other things, but I feel that not getting arrested should definitely take priority over computer parts.
  6. Just thought I'd update you guys. I went to the doc, told her that I had been treating my IBS with marijuana, and she said that she knows a lot of people do it but she's not going to tell me to smoke marijuana to relieve my IBS. I'm not upset about it since she may have perfectly fine reasons for not doing so (not knowing the new MMJ law well enough, not aware of doctor protections, etc). If TCHF or a similar organization didn't exist, then I would be upset.

    I didn't tell her about me applying for my card though. I told my doctor's office to send my chart notes to them, so we'll see what comes of it. I hope it all works out.
  7. Most doctors are hesitant to sign into the Med MJ at this point in Michigan. I think a lot of it has to do with condoning "smoking" anything. Smoking or putting anything foreign into your lungs is a health concern... The THC doctor in S.field suggested that the least harmful way to "administer your medication" is with a vaporizor. If doctors know that you are trying to do it the medicinal way with the vape ... maybe they wouldn't be so hesitant. Got a vape because of the recommendation and it's awesome.
  8. Oh yeah I'm planning on getting a vape for sure. I love vapes.
  9. How did this turn out? Were you able to get your MMJ card? Thanks!
  10. Don't they not recognize marijuana for medical uses there though?
    I was reading on and it said you could get a fine for any amount, so it's not even decriminalized there.
    Even if a doctor signed a recommendation it wouldn't be recognized by authorities.
  11. I'm the guy that posted this, and yes I did end up getting my card.
  12. Have you actually received your card? My application was received around Mar 1st and still no card... although technically legal, I want that card!
  13. Took me 90 days to get mine, but wait times have increased since then. I have to renew pretty soon here too...not looking forward to the wait.

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