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Getting my best friend to smoke

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Jakenus, Mar 28, 2016.

  1. So my best friend is a really good kid, never breaks the rules and his dad is a strict guy and a douche. Anyways, he's really anti marijuana and thinks it's the Devils lettuce. I want to smoke with him but I don't know how to get him too without him getting pissed off. Any suggestions?

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  2. Id be like dude youre my best friend and mj is amazing and I don't want you to miss out so just try it once? Or something like that

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  3. Let him decide for himself. Why do you call his dad a douche? I bet it's because you think he is running his son's life right?

    I hope you get the point but I bet you don't.......
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  4. I would have kicked your ass if you had done that to my kids when they were your age. You never want to see him again, right? Otherwise you wouldn't try to drive your friend away from his dad who is just trying to do his damned to raise a good kid. I think everyone should smoke, I tell everyone in my boat to try it, pain, mental health stuff, shit like that. I'd be trying to get the dad to smoke, he'd be cool with it then your buddy could try it. Share some youtube videos with them, get some education in there.
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  5. If he was really your BFF, you'd respect his decisions. You may know him really well, but you do not know his relationship with his father, or his actual homelife when you're not there. Offer it to him, but respect it when he says no.
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  6. No really guys his dads a hoooge douche. Made me pay 450$ for an oz of fire but they were mids at best....i hate that guy

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