Getting Motivated to Write a story

Discussion in 'General' started by Johnywilks, May 8, 2011.

  1. I've been given a assignment to write a short a story and present it to a lecture group.
    I honestly can not get motivated one bit to complete it. I think the reason why, is because im a senior and this sort of assignment would be something that a junior kid would do.

    I wrote stories when i was 10 not 18. Apparently its just a way to asses people on what level they are currently sitting at.

    I was alot better at doing things like this when i was younger. Nowadays i cant even think of any ideas.

    I guess my imagination was better at a younger age.

    Any ideas to get my started ?

    Having to read it out pisses me off aswell, its like im in elementary school again.
  2. Write a story about marijuana but call it some other plant, fuckin' hilarious reading that shit to a lecture group.
  3. That. Or write about a super hero. Now I might sound like a bit of a nerd here but if you were ever into pokemon or anything of the sort you could write stories about how they got their names... or not..
  4. Write about something where the character has a moral realization to better him/herself. Develop the character, define his attributes and show how he/ she changes based on experiences. Coming of age, perhaps? Maybe a little plot twist, perhaps? Some drama the typical high school student can relate to.. perhaps? A little moral dilemma? And, BAM! A+
  5. I used to pray for those assignments. Always got A's. Short story is my business.
    Had to write 2 short stories for my final high school exam. I took advanced, extension and extension 2. English nerd, yo.

    When's it due? I'll type one up for you if I can find one.

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