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Getting mom to understand...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ArizonaToker, May 20, 2010.

  1. well my mom is a massage therapist and has a degree in herbal healing and she knows i smoke but i get a bitch out everytime i come home high and she will not let me smoke at home. she thinks its horrible for your brain and shit. she always says im gonna get laced weed and not know it.. im not an idiot or anything. shes constantly saying its illegal for a reason and blah blah. shes even smoked before... just so hard headed and wont try to understand anything about it. does anyone have any advice or some good facts and where they came from? so i can show her. need to win her over haha. i wanna have awesome smoke sessions in my room.

  2. i have never seen it but heard lots about it.. maybe it would be worth a try

  3. The Union

    Have her watch the union its a great documentary
  4. If she will sit down and watch the Union with you then it's game over, you win it's very convincing, if not then watch it yourself and tell her some facts.

    There's hundreds of threads on this same topic on this site, use the search tool and you'll find a lot of useful information.
  5. laced weed isnt cost effective for dealers.
  6. ^^:confused::rolleyes::confused: Ok, but why post that here?:confused::smoke:

  7. you might not have read the entire thread
  8. Or I simply can't read properly, Doh!:eek::wave:
  9. I don't understand how people get laced weed and don't know it. I mean come on, I could spot it from a mile away. Someone please tell me.....

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