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Getting MMj in arizona??

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by BurtonSnow, Aug 11, 2011.

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  1. So I got approved, and I have no idea where I am suppose to get mmj?

    My roomate says a place down the street, and a smoke shop says the same. I cannot find it though, the guy at the smoke shop is supposed to text me his number eventually, but I am not trying to wait.

    anyone know of some LEGIT caregivers?
  2. Well, while not the largest State, we are still fairly large. Does this street have a town or city attached to it? :smoke:
  3. Responded, but there are likely some Blades or Bladies in that area that are more up to date. Please consider posting the general area you reside in, I won't betray the confidence. I will say that there are folks here in your area and some may be medical. Here is a AZ med link in a major city within 200 miles. I am too medicated to check if it is the right one , ut explore on your own in that forum. :smoking:

    Phoenix Arizona Medical Marijuana Information - Phoenix Arizona Medical Marijuana
  4. bro you still looking for a caregiver?
  5. Hey i got my card in the mail a few days ago and im wondering the same thing. Im prety sure there arent any dispensaries open yet, so is it even possible to get mmj yet?
  6. What city are you in? Tucson here I know caregivers
  7. Any word on a co-op (?) near 6th and Speedway? :smoke:
  8. I am up to starting one. If enough of us were licensed care givers we could do a lot of good. Clubs won't be here anytime soon so a co-op sounds like a great idea.
  9. The doc that gave your recommendation should be able to help. Also, try AZ's NORML chapter.
  10. Closing this, as it's becoming too close to a hookup thread.

    Remember, we can't be having patients discuss supplying each other with meds. Not on GC
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