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Getting Mmj Evaluation Tomorrow Afternoon How Should I Prepare?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by POWskier, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. I have have pain in my back for 4 months. A couple weeks ago I got this listed on my medical records saying that my nerves are being compressed in my back from muscular scar tissue and got a recommendation for physical therapy (I have not started yet, though I have been doing daily stretches and exercises that the Dr. gave me to do however I still experience pain) and I am to take Ibuprofen when needed. Some days my back hurts worse than others and on those days Ibuprofen does not ease the pain. I have eaten edibles and they have considerably raised my mobility and comfort level when my back hurts like this. This type of pain usually happens when I sit down for long periods and some days it just acts up worse than others. 
    What should I expect in my evaluation and how should I prepare for it? Will the recommendation be hard to get? I am in washington state

  2. You will go in, sign some papers...go in to see the doctor. The doctor will ask you what the symptoms are. Mine was lingering pain from a smashed disc in my back. I told her I didn't want the side effects from the Rxs I had been given by mainstream doctors. She asked me if I had experience with MJ. I said yes and that I preferred the effects of it to the pharmaceuticals. Maybe a couple more questions and then she said okay she was going to give me a recommendation. She wrote the recommendation....I paid $100 for the consult...and that's good for one year. As soon as you get your recommendation, you can go into ANY dispensary and get medicine. Each dispensary will have you fill out their paperwork before allowing you into the medicine room. But once you're signed in then all I can say is "WELCOME TO CANDYLAND!" ;)
    At the end of the year, you simply go in again, tell them how the MJ is working and then go from there.
    If you're near Capital Hill neighborhood in Seattle, then you should go to Green Resource and see Vanessa Wahler. Trust me. You won't be sorry if you do! She's gorgeous! I mean like fashion model gorgeous!
  3. Thanks for the information, I got my green card so easily. I will refer my buddy to Venessa Whaler then I wonder if she would chief the herb?
  4. I have an appointment on the 6th of July to get my card. I don't know much about how the dispesary works. How much does it normally cost to buy from a dispensary and are the prices the same at all of them? Are different strains different prices? Any info and help would be greatly appreciated.
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