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Getting med card soon. Weed or Wax?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Chicken Putz, Nov 6, 2014.

  1. Looking to get a medical marijuana card soon as I have been found it helps ease the nerve damage after compound fractioning my right arm. I smoke bud but, with all the wax available is SoCal I was thinking I should start dabbing. What are the pros and cons of smoking bud and wax?

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    Bud doesn't raise your tolerance as much so if you're a daily smoker you'll be getting high for quite a while before you hit that 'plateau'. With bud it's easier to share with friends and there are numerous ways in which you can partake such as joints / blunts / bongs / bowls, both for group and personal use. Bud is also cheaper, especially by the ounce. 
    Wax is expensive. I pay $40 for a g which isn't bad. But it depends on the connect. Dispensaries will charge you around $40-70 a gram for wax. Wax is more of a one hitter quitter, for me at least. Wax makes your tolerance sky rocket since it's 60-99% THC, bud maxes out around 30% ish. So if you go from smoking wax and then go back to bud the high won't be nearly as great. There are very few efficient ways to smoke wax besides fancy rigs and vape pens... You can share wax with a group and all get high, which is also nice. Since the THC content is so high being in a group won't really deplete your wax as much as bud. 
    There are pros and cons for both, that's why I stock up on both. Bud for groups and wax for more of an after work by myself high.
    Hope this helps. Don't smoke wax because you think it's cool. Wax will get you ripped and if you're not a heavy smoker you will get blasted.

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