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Discussion in 'General' started by seethingpyro, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. Hey, I'm getting married next Sat. in Las Vegas and I have a tendency to get really really excited about things....unless i'm stoned. Is it OK to be high while saying your vows? I really haven't thought of it until just now and I am a bit confused....:smoke:
  2. In my opinion it's not OK.
  3. any particular reason why?
  4. cause youll forget what to say lol
  5. lol ... well i'm not doing my own vows, so i pretty much just have to copy whatever the minister is saying. i don't forget that quickly.... usually... haha
  6. i think if your going to be promising the rest of your life to someone at least be sober when you do it. but if u get high and then decide not to get married... then i think u made a wise decision.:smoke:
  7. we're both pot-heads. it's the only thing that helps my relax. that's the only reason i'm even considering it.
  8. i really dont see why not.

    it would make no difference besides easing your anxiety...

    im sure he wouldnt mind.
  9. alright, thank you, at least that makes me feel a little better about the whole thing
  10. yall should both be high
  11. well, yeah, that is the general idea. i wouldn't be high at our wedding unless we both were.
  12. I'd be kind of mad if my girl had to get high for the wedding...

    but if he's fine with it then go for it!
  13. I'd say be sober, unless, that is, you smoke so much weed you feel more "out of it" when your not high, then smoke away.

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