Getting married today, any tips from a fellow blade? :)

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    read bold before posting like a douche
    Hi fellow blades, I'm 24, and today I get married. I'm sitting here on my bed and I just took a morning dab because my anxiety has sent my stomach into overflare (I have Crohn's disease, check this topic for more info: I love this girl with all my heart and I am super excited. I have to do some HW for my journalism course and then it's off to the church at 3:30 for pics and wedding at 5:30... I've got my No2 in the car for appetite later on so hopefully I'll find the right time to dip out and do that. I think I'm gonna eat a small dose edible to calm my gut and sustain me. I am NOT letting Crohn's ruin my day, no way man. But anyway... any suggestions or tips on my day? It seems like it's going to be a long stretch from the pictures to the reception. It's just me here and one of my groomsmen out on the couch in my living room as of right now. Haha took a pic just to show you my smoking spot. :) ahh... damn. So to you blades and bladies who have already made that voyage to marriage, TALK TO ME about the day of!!!  :bongin:
    Don't come to this thread just to post shit like "oh why bro? or no don't do it, or run!" You guys are immature and any stupid-ass comments will be reported.


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    do this

    Im enganged getting married next year...I plan to have a dab wedding since im not that big on drinking. Drinking is so mainstream lol...

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  3. You're making a huge mistake...
    Just kidding lol..hopefully  :smoke:
  4. Yeah don't get married that's not chill.

    LOL dude that's hilarious.
  6. Been married more than once..
    If its with the right girl, its Amazing! Nothing less
    Wrong Girl and life sucks all together.
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    Run and I can say this cause I am married. Just remember the more you agree with her the better your life will be. Oh and don't let the romance die but her flowers every once in a while. Oh and have fun. Good luck and congrats.

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  8. Good luck and congrats. That's all I'm gonna say.
  9. Congratulations, I'll probably be married within a year and I'll come back to you for advice.
  10. Q: What is the secret to a long successful marriage?
    A: Kiss your spouses entire ass!
    Haha see, this is funny to me. Appreciate this. I'm not the best flower giver so I know I need to work on that. She's pretty special. Thanks man!

    That's a lot of surface area to kiss! 
  12. First off Congratulations blade!
    2nd I would personally get off GC for the day.   Enjoy your special day fellow blade!
  13. Do you think I said that in jest? Well, with my reputation, i couldn't blame ya if you did.
    I'm not joking bro. You two are gonna have to compromise on certain things and live the rest of your lives with that decision.
    Example: You want the inside of your house painted white. She likes beige. You hate beige, but you love her enough to have it done. You are filled with a sense of resentment every time you look at that color. But you bite your lip and let it be. Until one day, you guys get into a big fight and you express your true feelings toward that color and how you resent it. And you resent her for picking it. Blah blah blah the insults start flying and feelings get hurt. If you are not emotionally stable or confidant in your marriage, it could spell disaster. Especially if kids are involved.
    I could go on, but i'll conclude with this: Marriage is serious. It's not something we do to because we are bored or we feel obligated to do it to prove our hetrosexuality or whatever....
    It's serious.
  14. My advice to all young people is this: "Never, ever, ever, ever....marry a bitch."

    Since you seem happy, I'm assuming she is not a bitch. So, here's my next piece of advice. Put her needs first, and make sure she knows that you put her above yours. After she sees you leading that way, she will put your needs above hers. When you reach that point, life is pretty great. Have a great day!
    We went through pre-marital counseling (I don't need opinions on this, I more-so did it for her but also got something out of it) and have lived together for the past year. I've known and been friends with her since middle school. I've never trusted anybody like I've trusted her, TRUST ME, if you think this is some naive, ill-informed or impulsive decision, then please, I ask you to leave this thread. Otherwise, respect that I respect and understand what you're saying and I am serious. Her family has even become my family. I even lived with her family when we moved back to CA until we got our own apartment. We've had our ups and downs but I've never been so sure of anything in my life. I've been locked up for long periods of time, spent a year in rehab, been homeless, been down and out. I understand the consequences of the decisions we make. I don't take this one lightly. Thank you for your input.
  16. Then you should be happily married for a long time. Congrats!  :)
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    The 2nd piece of advice was the best yet, haha... I've broken into the mimosas (I'm just a weebit nervous) and plan on zoning out for a bit beforehand.
    Right now I'ma go listen to some of our ceremony songs (we went non-traditional and picked the ones we liked)...
    My girl is half Hawaiian and her dad's side (she's adopted) has Hawaiian Japanese roots as well as a lot of family out there... We kinda Hawaiian themed the wedding and this song is her "walking down the aisle song" I guess you would call it the bridal processional. She's my island queen :) Bye guys!

    The only advice I can give is just enjoy your day and go with the flow, don't get emotionally invested in things like floral placements or seating arrangements. Things are going to go wrong, its just the way it is, just laugh have a good time and share that happiness with your guests :)
    Also, wear something different for your reception, I didn't and it was a huge pain in the ass trying to pee in a wedding dress when your drunk.  I'm pretty sure I looked like a hot mess at the end of the night. Be better then me lol 
  19. Congrats, just remember, happy wife happy life. Enjoy yalls day.

    I dont do drugs, I set plants on fire and breathe.

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