Getting laid later

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by happy tree, May 12, 2010.

  1. :hello: For the first time in a while!

    ... A long while. About a year and a half :eek:

    My game is probably a bit rusty :eek:
  2. you'll be fine man. i went almost a year once and was worried about being rusty but once you get in there, you will know what to do ;)
  3. Thanks bro.

    Here's the situation. I know this chick wants to fuck, I don't know how experienced she is (she claims to have slept with 3-4 guys apparently) so I don't know if she'll be tight like a virgin or what... Also, how do I initiate it? Like we're friends, so we'll probably sit around in her room and I'll attempt to chat with her. I'll probably be anxious and nervous and what not since it's been so long and fucking is the purpose of me going over there (she knows this).

    So how do I initiate the act of hooking up? :eek:
    My game is rusty lol
  4. Dude, I think the rusty part you're worried about is not in the bedroom.

    Seriously man, if you KNOW she wants you to come over to fuck, then why are you all worried about how to "initiate" this? Smoke her up, put on some good music, and just chill and go with the flow. If it's gonna happen, it's gonna happen.

    C'mon man, it's been a while, but damn, you gotta remember the basics here...
  5. Haha thanks dude I'm just nervous and shit. :eek:

  6. Don't be nervous. You already know the most important thing. She wants to fuck! :hello:
  7. Sad news...

    It didn't happen today. Couldn't go over there :(

    Maybe tomorrow though.
  8. Tip; If you aren't over there by tomorrow.....I will be.
  9. < Not getting laid later.
  10. Official "I'm not getting ass" Thread.
  11. try a pillow fight and then make the move, I've done that a few times with GREAT success.
  12. Interesting hah. How did that work?
  13. Beat it, right now at least twice. Trust me, it'll help for later.

  14. [​IMG]
  15. wow I read the title differently, I must be different

    well I really enjoyed today that made me a happy man
  16. Maybe next time big poppa
  17. UPDATE:

    It is for sure happening today.

    She won't bail on me again :devious:
  18. Why don't you get it done and then say you got it done.
  19. [ame=]YouTube - 40 Year Old Virgin - Mooj Advice Scene (Extended/Unrated Version)[/ame]
  20. I will... when I get it done.

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