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Getting kief out of a jar?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Sunsettoker, May 10, 2011.

  1. Okay well I have two mason jars with kief stuck to the sides in both but I don't know how to get it out without breaking it any ideas also is there even enough kief to get a good hit?

    Edit: forgot the pictures
  2. I have two jars but these are of the same one

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  3. Just wash them? Am I missing something?
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    To smoke not to get rid of don't have any iso right now and dont feel like making hash I just wanna get some kief
  5. i dont know if putting it in the freezer will do anything... i would get a small razer and scrape the sides and gently tap the bottom of the jar after wards
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    Tried both and the razor won't catch anything because the jar is very slightly rounded outwards on the side
  7. I get an index card or something and bang the jar over that and that dislodges a bit, then I get my knife and go to work scraping into a little pile in the jar. I never worry about getting it all out because I like always having a little bit. Use the knife a bit then hit it over the paper or whatever, then use the knife a bit more.
  8. Use a spoon?
  9. It doesnt even look like enough to even do that, not worth it IMO. goddamn are you really that dry.
  10. #11 Sunsettoker, May 10, 2011
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    Yep been dry for a while but have refused resin and just thought about the kief in my jars
  11. what i did to clean my jars, was when i was doing a grinder kwiso wash i used my mason jar (same size as yours) as the iso jar, so when i put the grinder/iso in, i shook it up and got all of the kief stuck to the jar as well, got like .5 of kwiso hash from my grinder/jar clean

    basically, ISO that ish and let it dry!
  12. #13 White_Widow_Man, May 10, 2011
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    Sorry man .. .. .. :( ..

    Ya Need some Decadent, .. .. Throwback, .. .. Ta get what ya want .. .. .. lol .. .. :) ..

  13. Put lid on mason jar and put it into lightly boiling water in a pot on your stove. Wait for vapor to accumulate and take off the lid and inhale...
  14. Sorry for the terrible quality my iPhone would not focus but I did get a good bit and that was only one jar so I'm assuming in 30 mins imma be baked and I'm still not done with the first jar ALOT more then I thought! I did decide to freeze it a little and the slight condensation caused the trichs and plant matter to stick when I scraped

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  15. Use a new little paintbrush I keep one around just to clean my jar.
  16. I used joint papers when cleaning out mine.
    Then I just scraped it off the paper with a razor.
  17. I'm pretty high...but what the fuck am I looking at here?
  18. Dude theres not even enough kief in there to smoke anyways.

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