getting kicked out of my apartment

Discussion in 'General' started by 420toker420, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. yeah
    i got cought with a bong the other day and the cops came and arrested me
    i guess the landlord found out and is giving me 30 days to move
    that sucks
  2. That does suck man....welcome to GrassCity :(

    Another victim of prohibition
  3. sucks dude. how'd the landlord find out?
  4. They arrested you for para?

    "I am sorry landlord that I am not as healthy as you, and the one thing that helps my physical pain, people seem to think is an evictable crime"
  5. Wow man. That sucks. Hard.
  6. Damn Im always scared someone will walk into my apt and find my bong and Ill get in deep shit... that sucks bro hope you find a new place quickly
  7. there were a couple neighbors that filed a complaint about smelling weed and the cops came with a search warrent
    found my bong,scale,one hitter, destroyed the whole apartment
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  9. ....wat

  10. "sorry pedestrian..but im a cop..and an I dont give a fuck"

  11. .....

  12. That sucks man... are you at a college or anything?

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