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  1. i hate sounding like im complaining about my mistakes but i need to share this. Look to the bottom for TL;DR

    So the story starts with me and 3 friends hanging out on my friends porch. these kids called my friend (who sells) and asked for a 1/2. Since we were with him we figured we would come on the drive with him. We get there and get out the car to smoke a cig and wait for these kids. As we were sitting there the kids come up and ask to see the half. he let them see it and then they asked if he had more. They said they want everything he has. He had a qp in his trunk so he set up the deal and before he opened the trunk he asked them to see the money. One of the kids pull out a knife and was like "I want all the weed and nobody will get hurt" and we all just laughed. Then, all four of the kids ran at us (4 of us) and started fighting like a bunch of bitches. Me and my friends fucked them up. We arent thieves so we didnt steal anything we basically fought till these kids were on the ground and gave up. We heard sirens so we went back to his house. Then, last night, i get a call from the police that I am being investigated for Armed Robbery and that I need to come in for questioning. Apparently one of the kids goes to the same university as us and knew all of our names. THEY TRIED TO ROB US, SO WE FOUGHT BACK. THey called the police when they were trying to buy drugs. And now i can't say that my friend is a drug dealer so I don't know what to say to the police. Also, none of us had a weapon except for the kid trying to rob US!

    I really don't know why I posted this, it just felt like something that needed to be shared. Im going in for questioning tomorrow. I already have a lawyer but i am not sure what is going to happen tomorrow.


    Friend was about to sell weed to some kids
    pulled out a knife
    we fucked them up
    they called the police and said we robbed them
    dont know what to do
  2. i hate it when people try to steal from you.. it sucks that they pinned it on you. its those kinds of people that just make me mad as hell
  3. What a bunch of little pussy's. I would be pretty pissed off, you should go get em again with your boys

  4. I would looovvveee to, but i have 3 drug felonies on my record already i can't deal with the shit from this.
  5. Dude ive been in a similar postion its save to say you were involved in a marijuana deal and they where trying to steal your shit so you protected yourself it sounds like bad idea but the FBI guy even told me i dont care about the weed i just want to know who was hurt and why it happend i told him the truth and he let me go... just dont tell your friend was sellin the drugs say you was buyin it
  6. Damn, well just let it go then.Maybe karma will take effect.:cool:
  7. yo dude, IMHO, get a lawyer. you need someone that can navigate the system or they will screw you. i was looking at 5-10 in mongolia and i got a lawyer that got me off on a $20 fine. always have a lawyer you know who can represent you on dial, or at least talk to a lawyer about this situation. lying to the cops could make things more complicated later, but so could telling the truth. get legal advice AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. i'm so sorry that shit happened to you, though, that's fucked up. wish they'd just make weed legal so we didn't have to deal with criminals and wannabe gangsters.
  8. Damn i hate to say it but if you have 3 drug felonies already then you better hope they have worse charges against them. Sorry to say but when the judge sees your priors he could just say, fuck this druggie lock him up. Anyways have a good lawyer, and good luck tommorow just say you guys were buying it to the cop, and straighten out your stories.
  9. You and your friends were just chillin when some kids came up and tried robbing you. The cops don't need to know about the drugs. Unless those bitches snitched out your buddy already :/
  10. I already have a lawyer, but the police are saying they have enough information to charge me with aggravated assault and robbery.
  11. your record is going to be hard to deal with, but as long as you have a good lawyer, they can't do much with testimonies alone. if what you say is true about how the night went down, it's going to be hard for them to convict you on anything.
  12. I just got off the phone with the lawyer. Luckily my lawyer has been friends with the lead detective on the case since middle school so he is able to have "off the record" conversations with him.

    The detective told my lawyer that all four of these kids are saying that they were just driving around and they went to go down the street and we pulled out into the street and blocked them. Then they said that we got out the car and they got out the car, and they asked us to move and we said "give us all the money and electronics you guys have or well shoot you, we have a gun!" and then they said no and we ran up and started beating the shit out of them for no reason. then he said that one of us had a knife and was trying to stab this one kid and we dropped it so he picked it up and stabbed my friend to defend himself. T

    Everything above was what those kids told the police. I dont know how my lawyer got all this information. And this is not what happened. If you didnt read the original post then take a look and you will understand.

    The other thing the Detective told my lawyer is that with this information their job is done. There is an active warrant out for my arrest but he told my lawyer that he wont send anybody to come pick me up if i bring myself in calmly on monday. I really hope the judge doesnt take this as us being guilty. It is a second degree offense which means a minimum 10 month stay in jail.

    oh, IT GETS WORSE! I forgot to mention that my friend broke his phone so he had this kid call him originally on my number. I assumed that i call from my phone for drugs all the time why does it matter if he uses it to sell a quick 1/2. But the reason its worse is that they are in the process of getting a subpoena to see all my phone records for the past 6 months. I have so many dealers numbers. My friends have texted me in selling. God damn, why does shit like this always happen to me..

    Well at least i can be grateful for two things. I got the greenery for this weekend, and I realize there are a lotof people worse off then me so i should be grateful this kid didnt get killed and im in jail for murder....

    Thanks for reading, if you did. I took a buncha addys and just needed to get all this out to someone who isnt going to call the police..
  13. blade, we all feel you on this one. i don't see how they can put you away based on a story from a few kids and no real evidence, but you got a bad record...i hope this resolves soon and you aren't in for long. it upsets me to hear about this kind of stuff.

  14. thanks man. i hope im not in at all though lol. I think the problem is that I am still on probation and thats why they are fucking with me. Hopefully between a good lawyer and lack of evidence they wont do anything
  15. I don't see where this can go really. They have no evidence and probably don't have a solid story that can hold up to any kind of proof so it will just blow over. Then you beat them up again for good measure. Snitching cunts.
  16. You have 3 prior drug felonies and you're on probation so you tag along on a drug deal??? What were you thinking man?
  17. could the detective just be saying some bull shit to the lawyer....maybe the detective knows thats your lawyer bc why else would a lawyer be asking a detective about a case and what happened. maybe they are just trying to scare you into turning yourself in for something you didnt do. bc honestly the cops may have a little evidence on you but i dont know if its enough to put you behind bars.

    and if you get put behind bars then you send some freinds they wouldnt know and get them back.
  18. Do not say a single word to the police. It's their job to prove you guilty (I know you're innocent), don't help them. Invoke your 5th amendment rights at all times.
  19. if you already have 3 drug felonies and are still going for drug deals and whatnot, then I can't say i feel bad for you. take some responsibility and stay out of situations that can get you into shit like this.
  20. Good luck. Whatever you do.. Show up to court.running will only make the problem worse.

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