Getting into the outdoor game, need help

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by mr.HippieHay, Nov 15, 2002.

  1. Hey whats up, if anyone knows what they are doing with outdoor growing, I could really use some advice, cause im kinda confused about some stuff...

    Since I live in New England, the soil is rocky as shit once you go down about six inches so... is six inches of good soil (on top of really rocky shit) gonna leave enough room for the roots to grow out? or do I need to add some more soil on top?

    Also, I was planning on growing by throwing down a bunch of seeds and letting them grow on their own (without germinating them). does this work?

    haha one more question... how far apart should the seeds be planted from one-another?

    anyway Im out, so peace and happy growing to you all
  2. First, is six inches down gonna leave enough room for the roots to grow out? or do we need to add some more soil?

    add more soil if you can, the main tap root will far exceed 6"

    We are planning on catching a fish, chopping it up, and mixing it in with the soil.
    um, just buy some fish emultion.

    We will prob. make another plot and germinate some seeds before putting them down

    Do this whenever you can, just throwing them down is ass. If you can start them in dixie cups inside (yeah i read you can't) it would be best, but if that is not an option I would try to make a small starter tray outside (if it's not too cold) with celophane (sp?) covering it.

    seeds suck, use clones then you don't have to weed out 50-70% of your stock b/c they are males. :D

    When we plant, how far apart should we plant the seeds from one-another?

    well, you are kind of limited by the space you designated, so i would say about a 1' but thats really close. I've seen 10 Kush plants in a 7 X 7 area and each yielded 1Lb +, but were's talking about clones which don't branch out as much as plants.

    If your from New England, when should we plant? how long should we let it grow?
    until it's ready of course :D
    read the guides out there....generally when the resin glands are FULLY developed, depending on personal taste.

    How much/ how often do you need to water outdoor plants?
    It depends on the water table there, etc..
    Don't get busted dragging water into the woods or another place that looks suspicious.
    A good judge of an available water table is milkweed plant since it has a high water need. If you see milkweed plants in the general area green in October, you have a good water source, and no need to drag water in.

    One thing that fucked up my first outdoor garden was deer. I mixed a bunch of super dirt and planted each plant in about a 1sq ft of dirt. well, since the dirt has all kinds of crap in it and the native animals weren't used to the newly introduced smell they had to check it out. Needless to say they kicked all my plants out of the holes. since you are mixing your in advance and leaving it all season you should be in good shape come spring.

    After you do get them planted, check for bugs and kill them ASAP before they get out of hand!

    that's all i can think of now....I'm at work and dreaming of getting home for the after work phattie. :)
  3. Hey chronic thanks for that AWESOME post : )

    Also, you said the main tap root far exceeds 6" do you have any recomendations as to how much more we should put in?

    thanks again!
  4. well, I'm not familiar with NE soil, but I would go another 6" if possible.

    good luck man :D

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