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  1. Hey whats up, if anyone knows what they are doing with outdoor growing, I could really use some advice, cause im kinda confused about some stuff...

    Since I live in New England, the soil is rocky as shit once you go down about six inches, so...

    is six inches of good soil (on top of really rocky shit) gonna leave enough room for the roots to grow out? or do we need to add some more soil on top?

    Also, I was planning on growing by throwing down a bunch of seeds and letting them grow on their own (bascally not germinating them and not using pots). does this work?

    haha one more question... how far apart should the seeds be planted from one-another?

    anyway Im out, so peace and happy growing to you all
  2. hay im all so from new england and i would sugjest that you re move some of the top soil and go to walmart or plant store and buy potting soil and it should do prity good and the seeds should be put about 3inchs a part and on the one wear you asked if thay would grow if you just throw them on the ground yah some times but if you just dont care about the seeds find an old dirt road less traviled and plant them in the ditch and thay usely do good peace
  3. The more effort you put into the care of your seeds/plants, the more they will reward you.

    If you are in a safe location, build a raised bed with redwood 2x12 boards. Fill to the top with a mixture of soil and any good organic compost available. Let sit for a few months. add earthworms if they are available. (The soil doesn't freeze where I live so don't sacrifice the worms if they will just freeze to death.)

    Turn over the soil before you plant, raking it to a fine texture. If these are "good" seeds plant them about 6 inches by 2 feet apart. Plant at least 2 weeks after your last frost date.

    Don't thin the plants until the males start to show their colors. They will be about 1/2 the plants. Leave all the females unless they are extremely crowded.

    If there are gaps next to a clump of females, lean the ladies gently towatrd the gaps. This will help your "canopy" fill out, allowing them to make maximum use of the sun. Most of the plants won't be big, but your yield per square foot will be close to optimum.

    If you decide to fertilize, look up tomatoes for the correct nutrients. Always fertilize at less than the recommended strength. I usually do 1/2 strength about twice as often. Less chance of "burning" the plants.

    If you must consider hiding the plants, dig an irregular hole as deep as you can. One foot is good, 6 inches will do. make it "star" shaped, ending in loose points. This is to encourage the plant's roots to enter the surrounding soil.

    Plant the seeds in a 6" grid and otherwise follow the rest of the program, culling the males and leaning the ladies away from each other.

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