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  1. So I have been giving up on using my degree in civil engineering as I just can't get the stable work that I need and to top it off it is not a cannabis friendly industry at all! So here is my dilemma, I have a good understanding of the chemistry of extracts as well as organic chemistry and botony in general. I even some practice making them but I am currently stuck in North Carolina. I can't afford to move but I want to get to Denver ASAP. I've been sending out custom tailored resumes and cover letters to various extraction labs in the Denver area for the past week or so but I have also had to make it clear of my intentions to move to the area as well as my necessity for a job to be available in order to do so.

    I guess what I'm getting at here is I just need advice from people in the industry or even some good contacts who are already working in the legal cannabis extraction industry and can help me get in. I've been a member here for years now and I rarely post threads but I am just desperate to get out of North Carolina and start doing what I love. It really sucks because I know that not living in Denver is killing my chances and I can't live there right now as I can't make enough money living here so that I can move there and sustain myself until I find employment.
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  2. I'm in the same boat but I am even in California. To do this successfully you must acquire capital, and develop very solid connections, not shady weirdos. Both of which I am working on. These things just take time, just work at it like you have been understanding smoking buds and all the techniques / properties all these years and switch your focus a little.

    It could help if you move to Colorado and try growing and extracting yourself while you have a job and are working on your money so you can learn from mistakes and refine your skills.

    I'm doing that for that purpose, and also so I can make the best medicine for myself, and share some of it with the good people around me.

    I could work for some tweaker growers for shitty pay around here, and grow mediocre bud, but that is not my goal.

    There SEEMS to be more availability for weed money making opportunities here in CA and OR than CO in my opinion. Though you can make it in CO. CA and OR seem a bit more friendly to the little guy.
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  3. I'm definitely trying to do my research and avoid any shady connections if at all possible and I'm only applying to well established and larger companies. I've basically been sending out cover letters, resumes, applications, etc to any reasonable looking extraction lab I can find. Since I have an engineering degree and whatnot I definitely have the chemistry knowledge to get in the door at a higher quality lab and I wouldn't even be opposed to getting in to designing extraction equipment although that is less appealing than making the product itself.

    Denver is my first choice as they have the longest running fully recreational industry and I really want to live near the Rockies. Frigid mountains are a must since I can't write good black metal in hot places lol. I think you of all people on here will understand that haha. Oregon is my second choice but also 20+ hours away from here making it even harder to make connections.

    Making the move is just very difficult at the moment since my current job at an environmental engineering firm is very on and off at the moment and despite being paid well I have to plan ahead for dry spells where they don't have work for me. I'm trying to secure a second job but I'm on a year of no luck with that plus my band takes up a lot of time and being on the road for extended periods drains cash and doesn't look good to employers. I'm willing to leave it behind to make the move but it will be the one thing I will miss. Fuck, if I can make it work I'll fly back and forth to keep the band but only if that actually becomes a reality.

    I'll look into the possibility of a land surveying job in Denver just to get out there. I wish I could hone in my craft out here on making extracts but I don't want to risk it as extracts are treated as a felony and NC treats them as if they were just as bad as other much harder drugs. Cannabis itself is decriminalized and a misdemeanor but producing extracts is still a felony.
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  4. The separation in the law is so nonsensical and bothersome I'm not even going to comment on it.

    I would focus in your resume your specific knowledge on making extracts. At the end of the day that's mostly all they care about. Your background combined with that should help significantly.

    Maybe they will legalize in NC before you move. Who knows...

    I have lupus so I am slightly more biased but I have to say I am very appreciative of the legality here, as it is officially one of my medicines. So I'm sure you will appreciate it if you move too.

    I understand your need for cooler weather, I hide inside as much as I can all summer. I suffer every time I go outside a long time even with sunscreen.
  5. As soon as you get to your legal state start growing, and extracting good material if you want beforehand too, maybe you'll have some stuff to show off to the right people.
  6. I just applied to two land surveying jobs for good measure as it seems like getting into the state first is a good idea. Hopefully I can land in a situation where a company is willing to cover or at least help pay for my moving expenses.

    I'm not going to go into the NC laws too much but I doubt legalization is anywhere close to becoming a reality. The closest we have ever gotten was a medical bill that was pushed out of the house because of "overwhelming public opinion" making it too difficult for politicians to come to a decision. The south sucks!

    I really do need to have consistant access to cannabis concentrates as they are the only thing that works on my migraines which I have been getting since I was a kid and have essentially ruined my life. When I take a dab it is like the pressure in my head melts away and I can think clearly and function at a much higher capacity. Regular weed works, but not as well and if I smoke it the whole act of combustion actually gives me a headache so I have to vape which is fine but concentrates are still far more effective.

    Something needs to work out soon. I can't stay here in hillbilly hell much longer! A grower that I grew up with that lives near me just got busted and is facing over a decade for just one pound of bud. If I stay here that will be me eventually.
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  7. Crazy how a border makes the difference between insanity and normalcy.

    After you grow weed once, it's hard to go back to not.

    It's just like any other plant in your backyard, grows similarly, just puts you buds in your bag as its fruits.

    I'll just say if you really want to appreciate the freedom and peace of mind without being worried about prison you gotta move away. :sad:
  8. I too, suffer from migraines and realize that each of our bodies will react to different strains to produce varying effects. However, I am desperate for relief, what strains do you find most helpful?

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  9. Wish I could help with specific strains but here in NC I just get what is available and rarely do I actually know the strain names which is yet another reason I want to move to Colorado. I will say that I find a good high CBD content helps a lot but the THC does wonders for preventing them so a good indica works for pain relief and a sativa for prevention. I would say that extracts and edibles work much better than regular flowers as the smoke tends to trigger headaches. Not to say that smoking the buds doesn't help but in larger quantities it can trigger headaches. Vaping buds works but I find the most instant and effective relief comes from vaporizing potent extracts.
  10. The extraction community is a challenge to enter for sure. I have been growing for a while now, and extractions is much more of a scientific specialty. If you enjoy topics like short path distillation, solvents, butane, propane, ethanol, isopropanol, hexane, carbon dioxide, than a career as a cannabis extraction tech might be a good one for you. I have advanced quickly from trimming, budtendng, and on into assistant growing, head growing, and so forth. The extraction part is not for everyone, but the sky is the limit.
  11. You need to physically get to Colorado to get your BADGE so you qualify to work in "the industry". This is a State issued badge that is required for any/all jobs. (you cannot be a Felon) Without a current/valid BADGE...they won't even look at your resume'. Find a cheap flight and get it done if you are serious.

    good luck
  12. That is what I was afraid of and it is pretty tough to make the move at this time or even visit for a few days. Luckily I just scored a pretty good job so I can actually save up to move. I didn't realize there was a special state requirement but that is good to know and probably explains why my resume spamming didn't even merit a return email.

    I'm also considering getting in on the ground floor in one of the more recently legalized states like Maine or Massachusetts when they implement recreational sales. Boston is probably my second choice to Denver but the cost of living there is whack and idk how long I would last.
  13. Also don’t limit yourself to much with the extracts. Seriously not trying to shit on your dream by any means but with the forever ending advancements in technology my guess is extracts will become very easy to produce even solventless and on a mass scale just due to the development of rosin. Yes there are more artesian ways of extraction that artists take pride in but imagine a large rosin press that can bust out pounds of solventless wax every day just mechanically compared to using butane or co2(solvents), have to be careful during the process due to the combustible materials and then on top of it have to wait for the product to purge and then still test it for purity. Which method would be worth the labor costs? That being said extract artist would be one of the coolest jobs attainable so best of luck to you in your adventures. Plus, you’re an engineer.. y’all have been taught to make things work

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