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  1. Hey guys, I'm just wondering how u guys got into cars or what would be good way to start.

    My job right now is to deliver weed, I drive 40+hrs a week in my little 91 Integra Ls (stick of course) and u kno what I fucking love it. I love the sound and the feelings of driving around, going fast, taking corners, and weaving thru traffic - safely of course.

    Now I'm not saying I wanna be some Street racer dude but I wanna know how to fix my car. I'm saving up right now to buy a nice subaru impreza 2.5 rs and then do a nice engine swap. I really really wanna be able to do some mods my self or at least kno that if something breaks I can identify the problem

    So my questions are how did u guys get into cars?

    How should I start?

    Do u guys like subarus lol

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  2. Take some courses at you local community college. You need hands on experience when learning to work on cars. Book learning wont really help here. They generally have classes like engines, brakes and suspension, tune up, etc. 
    I like how Subies sound but i like Evos more(better performance and looks IMO) but you can't ignore that subbie rumble. Also if you get a 2.5rs and swap it you might as well buy an Sti if you are going to go through all that work and money, but that's my .02.
    I am into all types of cars. 4cyl, v8, go karts, nitro rc cars. anything with an engine basically.

  3. I got into working on cars by being a poor person....I was always buying broken stuff cause it was cheap, and fixing it up.
    Then it seemed like all my friends came to me to help them troubleshoot or wrench on their stuff....
    Never did too much performance stuff, mostly just trying to keep stock daily drivers going.....
    I still enjoy working on and maintaining all my families vehicles, as I don't trust most mechanics, and doing it myself I know it's right and a lot cheaper.........that's how I learned.
  4. Trying to do an engine swap with limited experience is really dumb. The easiest way which is also the hardest way, to learn to work on cars. Start with your basic maintenance- oil changes, spark plugs. Then get into more advanced stuff. An engine swap of almost any nature requires a long list  of parts, and knowledge of how to put it together. Especially when talking aftermarket, where things need modifications to work as designed. 
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    good way to start is to take apart and put back together. of course you need to really pay attention to how it came off and where every piece should be put back. if you dont know how and want to learn try youtube there will most likely be a video of someone showing how to do it especially with any advice on something you wouldnt even think of.
    also knowing how something works is key.
  6. Check the forums of the car you have and start ordering parts and fixing stuff per write ups on the forum.
    Subbies a are awesome.

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  7. That is also exactly how I started.
  8. Always take the cost and time it takes to fix or mod a car, and double it just to be safe. Sometimes shit happens.
  9. For my first car (89 Toyota supra turbo) when I got my license at 17. Great condition but it was at the age where gaskets and things start drying out. I ended up doing a bunch of things to the engine and eventuallytearing t down and swapping it out for a built one
    All the information you need to do basically any job is on the Internet, usually with pictures.

    I had a gc8 wrx and now have an sf5 forester. Subaru's are nice to work on because they are like Lego. Almost every part from vehicles on the Impreza platform are interchangeable. I'm going to be sti swapping everything on the fozzy.
    A bigger rear sway bar with sti suspension and some camber bolts in an rs would make it handle great. And any turbo engine will be more power than you really need. If I couldn't afford an ej257 and 6 speed I'd go ej20g with robs tune

    Drive however you like when nobody is around but don't be a dick and put other people's lives in danger
  10. Also a lot of cars have online communities. Posting there and going to meets is a good way to get in touch with a bunch of guys that might end up giving you deals on parts or helping with swaps for beer
    Read up and educate yourself
  11. i got into it through my love and interest for cars, with that being said run while you can. A car can be awesome and bring you tons of fun but they ll also kick you when your down, then kick you again just for fun
  12. Did you blow the headgasket on the 7m?

  13. Thanks for the replies everybody I really appreciate it. I'm gunna be starting some automotive classes
    Next semester.

    Dude this is one of the best posts on this thread thank u.

    I'm looking at getting a 99 - 00 subaru impreza 2.5 rs, slowly modifying it as I progress.

    I totally realize that an engine swap with no experience is stupid so I'm gunna work my way up to it.

    Thanks guys!

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    Also il post build pics once I start it

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  14. Those things blow up from the factory. First 'mod' anyone should do is check the head bolt torque.
  15. I grew quite a big interest in older slammed cars. like bmw, benzs, and my favorite datsun etc. Ive always liked the idea of having or driving a nice clean car you rarely ever see. When i first started I knew next to nothing about cars and how they worked. As in didn't even know how to do an oil change. Ive always liked taking shit apart and putting it back together or fixing it. So i figured I started with a somewhat basic platform and bought a datsun s30. 2 Years later im still neck deep in my project. Since this is a hobby i chose not to take a course at a college of any sort. But I have to say learning on my own time, personally i have learned a lot of things probably the hardest way possible. Building a car takes a lot of research, patience, thinking for yourself and money depending on the depth your trying to reach. What i really like about the car community is many people drive by you with out even noticing your car or hardwork, but the people that do. you know they are fellow enthusiast and its a great feeling 

    So i say start by just diving in, you'll quickly find out if its the hobby for you.
  16. I got into cars from my grandparents and they ended up helping me buy my first and favorite car ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1416440241.997618.jpg

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  17. I almost picked up a sn95 saturday, it got sold right under me. It was auto and rough body but only $600. I was gonna jump on that right away.
  18. Honestly (not trying to sound cocky just opinion and experience) it wouldn't be worth it if it wasn't a GT (V8) and a manual. The V8 more so than the manual. If you got a V6 you'd probably never be satisfied with it.

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  19. I wouldn't even consider a pos v6. The transmission I'm not too worried about, I can just dropped a built auto and a high stall in it. Only thing I'm worried about is if the pistons, rings and bearings are good. PI heads + 150 shot; along with radials/slicks and subframe connectors is all I need.
  20. You got it all planned out. Sweet. You might have to go forged internals though on 150 shot. I'm not sure though I haven't read up about this stuff in forever. I don't think you will. Mustangs are the best. I haven't had the money to do anything nice to mine yet

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