getting ice cream

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  1. So, I go to the gas station to buy milk, pack a bowl on the way an smoke half of it. I buy arizona iced tea, trail mix, and a couple candy bars. Get back in my truck and go oh shit the milk! :eek: So I go back in and get the milk and by now my high is creeping in real nice. So I smoke the second half on the way home, chief a pinchie in the driveway for good luck:smoke: and go inside...
    my uncle: where's the ice cream?

    I: (confused as hell) What? You never told me to get ice cream!

    uncle: well you should have just known

    I: Shit now i want ice cream. I need ice cream I'm gonna go get ice cream. I want Phish Food :D

    uncle: (blank stare)

    I: ben and jerry's?

    uncle: oh they probably won't have it just get something normal.

    ...long pause as i'm trying to think of this other ben and jerry's

    I: Imagine whirled peace

    uncle: What?

    I: Half Baked

    uncle: What?! No man, ice cream.

    I: yeah ice cream!

    uncle: go get it!

    I: No, those are ben and jerry's flavors! Whatever, Ice Cream. Peace

    So I go back to the gas station, for the third time. Pack another one an smoke half on the way. Go in baked as ever and get Cherry Garcia :D And some really good looking orange sherbet. The cash register was fucked up so i had to just chill in there a while and had a super baked conversation with the dude working. Smoked the other half on the way home and another pinchie in the driveway and go in, blast some aerosmith and retreat to GC! Peace!:smoke:
  2. haha word.
  3. Dude what gas station did you go to?
  4. Ben and Jerry's Half Baked is delicious.
  5. north of the cities, forest lake-ish, 651 area
  6. phish food kicks ass dude...and karamel sutra...oh and cherry got too many good ones:D
  7. karamel sutra sounds awesome!
  8. sounds like youre set for a good afternoon

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