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Getting Higher

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bcuzigothigh, May 6, 2011.

  1. What are some of the tricks you do to superfy your high? Share tips on what you do to intensify your high.
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    I smoke more.
  3. smoke more..................couldn't resist lol
  4. #5 bcuzigothigh, May 6, 2011
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  5. I cash a bowl and load more.

  6. im not trying it ...

    but that link will take you to lots of laughs!;):smoke:

    the first suggestion was serious tho...check the edible section
  7. Plug your weed man! Haha jk, but seriously I don't know, switch your smoking method? Maybe you're getting used to smoking out of the same thing?
  8. hit a black/colored bong. my tube is clear and i very recently found out how much ive been taking murdered glass for granted in the "superfy" department.
  9. Turn on the works too...

    I conserve and keep tolerance down conserving these days:hello:
  10. Hit a gravity bong made with a gatorade bottle by poking a small whole in the bottom and letting the water slowly drain while burning the bowl. It'll rape your li'l mouth hole guaranteed.
  11. Pretty sure you just gotta smoke more.

    I'm also pretty sure nothing is suppose to go up the pooper, anways. I could be wrong for all you ladies out there, but for me that's a no no.
  12. Sometimes smoking a cigarette works for a little boost, but not always. Otherwise, get up and do something besides watching cartoons, you are more aware of the effects that way.
  13. There's a thread on here of some kid documenting his experience with sticking frozen THC butter up his ass.
  14. Someone said that eating a mango prior to consuming cannabis products will increase your high drastically.
  15. I feel like orange juice helps but maybe that's just cuz it works with shrooms and Valium.
  16. Mangos work pretty well. Just give it 45 mins to an hour after consuming :smoke:
  17. mangos are fucking amazing, just eat some or get some puree and drink it and just wait an hour and smoke, i promise you will notice a difference,

    to increase my high i also like to pop a couple weed pills about an hour before i smoke (these are pills i make every once and awhile with oil or butter), i dont take enough to get a super edible bakage going on, i just take like 2 so that when i smoke i am much much higher, and that combined with mango is just amazing:smoke:

    or not smoking all day will do the trick...

    or for some reason if i take like a hit in the morning, then maybe a hit in the afternoon, i get really baked when i smoke a couple bowls that night
  18. Ive tried the mango thing with dank and mids. You notice the effect a lot more when smoking shittier weed but I did notice a small effect with the dank (could have just been a placebo effect though. Either way mangos are fucking delicious. go get some

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