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Discussion in 'General' started by jjsmit, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. so when im packing bowl after bowl after bowl of dank and RIGHT after I finish probably like the 4th or 5th I get a really intense high feeling and sometimes I feel I'm in a place I was when I was child or like a vision. The point is I feel really high. But, the feeling or vision slips away after 5-10 seconds. Do I need to smoke more for that intense feeling to stay. It gets really hard to pack bowls after that point lol.

    Maybe could it be tolerance or something?
  2. Keep smokin like that and your gonna build a tolerance pretty quick.

    That feeling is just you being real fuckin high. As your tolerance goes up you gotta smoke stronger bud and more of it.

    Different strains too. Youll get a little used to the stuff your smokin right now but the next type of nug may have different you will feel higher cause spots are being touched that the other weed never got

    It depends on alot of things but mostly quality of bud and how much you smoke of it
  3. I'm gonna go get ripped to this point and stop then. :love:WEED
  4. ok I am back and very ripped like a pair of old jeans. so man my high self told my sober self that it was just oxyegn haha deprivation after hold ing the hit so thats what that was. I feel very stupid and high. Very very high. Ahhh chilling and vibing im an alien!

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