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getting higher of less because of either smoking alone or is it my one hitter?

Discussion in 'General' started by thebluehippo, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. this is a serious question i have a bowl (the red rhino), can roll ciggarete quality joints with filter and my one hitter(the musket). Now i usually smoke with my friends from my bowl, but whenever i smoke by myself i use my one hitter. This might seem odd but i think i get higher than smokeing a fat bowl off of my piece.
    And i use so much less weed to get super baked off it it amazes me. Like 4 packs of the one hitter make .1 and it takes like 5 packs to get me stoned off my ass. But when i smoke my bowl which is only like 4 inches i smoke like 1.5 bowls and im strongly buzzed but not baked. it so fucking sweet. but i just think that im alone and thats the reason im way higher like and like i can just concentrate on holding that high or some hsit i dont know but im high as fuckk so forgive my ranting what do you think?

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