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Getting High With Your Siblings?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by X44X, Oct 4, 2005.

  1. Hey guys, I was wondering if any of you guys got a brother or sister that also does weed and whether or not you've ever smoked or thought of smoking with them? I have a sister who does weed and I've even picked up weed for her before, but we've never smoked, but I was thinking that maybe it'd be something to do... So any of you guys smoke with a sibling?
  2. Me and a friend smoked with his sister. It was a bit akward.
  3. yea, my sister smokes
    shes smoked with some of my friends before
    and i want to smoke with her, but i havent been able to yet, shes in college in colorado, and im in NC
  4. I always smoke with my brother, but we are pretty close so its not awkward or anything.
  5. I have a brother in his early twenties who i didn't grow up with.

    Recently we have reconnected and hang out alot (i have a nephew now!)
    Me and him have been bar hopping a couple time, and we know eachother smoke.

    It hasnt happened yet, we dont hang out regularly enough, but it's on our list.

    I would think you would have to be in the same maturity (if not age) group as your sibling. Also depends on your relationships, i have other siblings who i feel awkward DRINKING with.
  6. Eh. My older sister is an uptight conservative, so I know she'd never want to smoke, let alone with me. My younger sister, however, might already be a part-time smoker. My gf and I suspect she does or has, and we would like to smoke with her sometime. But it's an awkward subject to approach.
  7. haha, i smoke weed with my dad, 2 of my uncles, and my cousin haha
  8. I am the youngest of the three, i have an older brother and sister. Sister quit after about 2 years and hasn't smoked for little over a year. Brother is married and been burning strong since who knows. I smoked with my sister probably her whole last year of it, and i still burn down with my brother now and again. It's great man, just chill, your with family,...
  9. Well it's not that I'm not close with my family, I'm especially close with my twin brother and younger bro, but my sister I don't like as much as them because she treats me so young (even though I'm actually only one year younger than her). But yeah I think it'd be pretty fun, so sometime when I want to smoke and none of my friends can smoke, I'm gonna ask her to chillax with me and smoke a joint.
  10. Heh, I wish. My family is very conservative. Everybody is always surprised when they find out I smoke.
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  11. a few of my friends parents smoked with them, hell my friends parents dealed weed and shrooms for him whenever he wasn't home (not anymore since were all out of highschool and such)

    It was awkward the first time smoking up with my friend and his parents with a 4 hose Yoda hookah since that ws the first time i'd ever smoked with an adult at the time. But now that i'm workin i see that their is a TON of every type of person you can imagine who are total potheads who smoke joints like ciggs.
  12. i'd say do it. my friend's little brother is a bigger pot head than most people i know and he's pretty damn young and well he's just cool to begin w/. plus i can tell its brought them a lot closer.
  13. I smoke with my sister sometimes, but it's not usually very cool. She geeks a lot.

    My brother is an uptight conservative, so fuck 'im. We used to be best friends, but we're totally different people now. I don't think he even likes me anymore.
  14. I smoke with my sister all the time. She even gets me weed when Im out. She told me she would be sad if I ever had to quit.
  15. My older sister and i actually never got along until i was 17 and she was 19 and we started partyiing together. so ya ive smoked with my sister and its sweet
  16. i smoke with my sisters all the time, i'm actually about to smoke with my little sis
  17. I smoked with a friend and his sister it was a bit weird but shes a hottie so it was all good :smoke:
  18. my older bro and I recently admitted to each other that we smoke, and celebrated by getting lit. :D
  19. Yeah i smoke with my younger brother whos like 12 lol, i never have to worry about buying him weed he hangs out with alot of older kids who get ir for him or he gets it from my dad which is some of the best bud around let me tell ya
  20. I smoked with one of my sisters one time. I was visiting her at Oswego and we were pretty drunk. I pulled out my bowl, packed it, and asked her if she wanted to smoke. Long story short, I'll never somke with her agian, she was totally out of control. Drunken yelling, falling all over the place, all her friends were like "dude, you shouldn't have let her smoke"

    It wasn't anything serious, she just made an ass out of herself. I felt kinda bad, but I was really fucked up too, so at the time I just laughed at her.

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