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Getting high with people who get REALLY high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Craving, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. You ever smoke with those people that just get real damn high, usually because maybe they're just that low of a tolerance stoner, OR they're one of those people who smoke every so often and when they get high.. they're just stupid high.
    To me it's pretty entertaining watching some high ass folks have a good time, and it's fun talking to people who are that high because in general they love to converse in that state of mind.

    Although sometimes they talk about some crazy things that make me think "u high as hell..." and watching them laugh at what they say.. hahaa :smoke:
  2. Oh man i know exactly what you're talking about! I have some buddies that get way too stoned. Some can't stop laughing, some can't talk, some are loud as fuck. But some of them start talking about fucked up shit, it's just weird sometimes.

    The thing i hate the most though, is being in public with those people.. I get weird looks.
  3. Lol I'm one of those kids who gets high as hell. It doesn't really have to do with tolerance for me, its more the way that weed effects me. It makes me get really talkative and stupid, just like you described. The things I talk about are just mind blowing though. Your the quiet and chill type of high lol. Theres more quiet stoners then talkative stoners (from what i've seen).

    So in conclusion, its not that we just get real damn high, it just effects us differently. A way i like to put it when im high (not ATM) is that my mind is racing with all these ideas and there is no filter at all to stop them so they just come right out of my mouth lmao
  4. Well there's a difference between quiet - talkative - high as fuck - on the moon.
  5. Yeah I have experienced this before, it is great. I was chilling with some people and this kid came around who was against smoking for a while, finally willing to try it. We all smoke some bong bowls and this guy was stupid stoned man, all laughing and good times...He start taking back everything he said about weed, hahahaha that was a funny moment
  6. Yeah but all i'm sayin is that some people tend to be more talkative then others while high, even at the same level of highness
  7. Ya I usually get pretty fuckin high when I smoke, I usually only smoke on Mondays and Wednesdays and sometimes weekends but usually on Monday if I didn't smoke during the weekend I trip balls haha. I'm more chill when I'm with people though but I usually just go up on kennesaw mountain and smoke in the woods by myself.
  8. I agree with you OP, I enjoy watching people enjoy the herb, makes you feel happy haha.
  9. Very entertaining. Though I absolutely hate people who act drunk because they think that's what their supposed to do. Like seriously we're in public stop yelling shit and making an ass out of yourself.
  10. Yeah i hate that too. We brought my friends little brother along with us one time, big mistake. He yelled "Wow! Im smacked" for about 5 minutes. Then started walking and falling all over the place. I'm not going to lie, it was sort of funny, but at the same time it killed the vibe.
  11. lol even though ive been smoking for almost 4 years daily now . i still get stoneed as a mofo and am one of those really high people you get high with haha :p
  12. :smoke:I'm quiet but when I get high I can have some mind-blowing conversations
  13. I thought this was about people like me, as in people who get stoned but keep loading bowls until they're REALLY high, and everyone else is even higher.
  14. This one kid thought he was in a war-zone, he got so high. He was all like "hand me that bazooka, I'mma kill them towel heads"

    He continued to "shoot his m16 at the terrorists" at the cars that passed us.
  15. Usually when I go smoke with my group of people, one of them ends up being really high. Its usually the fat one. 4/20 he smoked a lot, maybe too much considering he had to drive home to his parents. He was laying on the couch, flailing his legs in the air, saying "I have no legs Hahaha"

    Another time he got high and drunk and passed out on an inflatable alligator.

    Unfortunately, I can't seem to get as high as he does. Maybe he isn't all right in the head? Lol

  16. sounds like he really got into that placebo effect
  17. I'm one of those people that love getting really high, are you?

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