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Getting high with my mom

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Snax, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. A few hours ago I asked my mom if I could smoke in the house. She said yeah so my friend got the weed and we started getting set up in my bedroom and guess who followed us? My mother! We asked her if she wanted to do it. She took the first hit! Now all three of us are high. It's so weird to see my mom acting like this. It sort of makes me think of her as not a motherly figure anymore. Have you ever gotten high with your mother/father? I want some stories.
  2. No... my parents never smoked... they probably never did in their lives.

    But you... you're lucky man...
  3. exactly the reason I'm gonna be against my kids smoking in my presence or them knowing I smoke until their old enough, just seems irresponsible as fuck.
  4. Never got high with either of my parents.
    My dad says he's never tried it... I totally believe him when he says that.
    Now, I KNOW my mo has tried it but I'd never smoke with her because she's a total bitch to me.
  5. I think as a parent, you shouldn't smoke with your kids until they've matured in their life... OP is really right as it changes your perspective of your parents; from parental figures to friends.

  6. Perhaps that's exactly why you SHOULD smoke with her coz she's a bitch to you... May be she'll be nicer to you afterwards.
  7. You'd think. But I wouldn't smoke up anyone who wasn't respectful to me, that includes my mom. Once she knows how to speak to someone in a normal manner then I will consider sharing. I'll give her a hook up to get her own but I won't be sharing mine.

  8. Yea and a kid doesnt need a friend, they need parental figure. Not saying u are underage or anything OP.

  9. Perhaps your mom is a bitch in general. No disrespect.

    Well, I hope you've learned from her bitchy character and turned out better than she is.


    How about your father. Would you smoke with your father?
  10. My mom smoked some super lemon haze with me that I grew
  11. Yeah, I quit toking for a few years and when I started again my dad and I were smoking with each other nightly.
    My dad's always been a friend everyday and a dad when I need him to be so thats pretty cool.
  12. No, she is. lol
    And I like to think I've turned out pretty well even with her as a mother.
    And yes, I would totally smoke with my dad. Too bad he's 100% against it no matter how hard I try. But his philosophical insights would probably get annoying sometimes lol. He'd be "that guy" lol
  13. My grandma smoked with me one time, it was weird because she had never done any illegal drug in her life and she just randomly sparked up with me one day. It was a crazy experience, lol.
  14. When I was 16 (50 now) I smoked up w/ my 15 y/o gf's mom. She had this little cute plastic bong that extended like from 3' tall to probably 6". It was red and we would smoke it in her BR. I even used to go to their house when she was home alone in the afternoon to deliver product for her and a friend that would split 1/2 z's. That was the days of Columbian and Acapulco Gold. It was all just mexican weed I am sure. Got us a buzz on, but not like today's products. Glad I learned to grow my own. I do remember about 1983 when this "new" mj called Sinsemilla showed up. Smelled different, smoked way different, but was hard to come by in Nowhere, OK. Hardly ever got it unless a friend had some from OKC, Lawton or Tulsa.
  15. Maybe her common sense told her "meh it's just a smokeable plant that makes you feel good, and I've never heard of anyone dying from it"

    Most of my entire family smokes. Family gatherings are the shit!
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    One of the reasons I couldn't stand marijuana when I was younger was BECAUSE my mom smokes. Everything smelt like weed, and I thought it was what was ruining her life (it wasn't - she was into some pretty bad shit at the time, and also bipolar & off her medication) so I never even saw the possibility that I might try it.

    As I grew older, though, I started feeling like... every experience should be felt at least once, and I began to research weed facts, etc.

    Soon after my 17th birthday I went to visit my mum in her town. She's no longer on anything hard, and is taking her medication as she's supposed to. New husband, decent house, etc - she's doing pretty well. That made me realize that maybe weed wasn't as much the culprit as I thought.

    Anyways, she had a bunch of pretty cool homemade metal pipes, and I asked her if I could have one. In return she made me promise to never ever smoke because she knew that once I did I probably wouldn't quit. (Oops.)

    Of course, being a teenager, I used it the first chance I got with a bunch of friends. But, I continued to lie to my mom about my use just because I wasn't sure how to tell her and I had already promised her I wouldn't. I felt like a major hypocrite for giving her so much shit for it in the past.

    Eventually, she found out I smoked because of my own stupidity. I was on the phone with my sister, who was visiting her, while I was back in our hometown. My sister and I were talking about the green and my mom overheard through the phone because she was sitting right next to her - oops. She wasn't upset about it, but I felt like a total jerk for a while.

    The next time I went to visit my mother, I continued to feel awkward about it. I didn't want to smoke in front of her, I didn't want her to see me high, I didn't want to look like an idiot... haha.

    My sister had no such qualms however, and loaded a bowl right in front of us. Then she called us to the back room (we had a ton of company over) and we smoked a bowl together. It was definitely a unique experience. It made me feel hyper aware of myself, actually, because I knew my mum was watching me doing drugs and I had always said to 'rise above it' and been condescending about weed use in the past. Ugh, I was such an ignorant ass when I was younger :hide:

    I hadn't smoked in a while (was stuck on the ferry) so after my first couple hits I was flying high, especially since my mother refuses to smoke anything that isn't dank and I wasn't used to it. It was one of the strangest experiences of my life, tbh, but now that I live in the same city as her we smoke all the time and it doesn't feel that weird at all.

    Wow, that was a really long story... sorry for the walls of text.
  17. Badass man thanks for sharing. Wish I could do that with my mum.
  18. I get stoned with my dad very often. He smokes every day just like myself. It has made us closer in my opinion. We are great friends now. not just father-son.
  19. Mom was against it growing up as all parents should be, but now she doesn't mind if I smoke.

    Smoked with her once she got all paranoid and had a panic attack(she kept asking for more what was I suppose to do lol)

    But recently I was looking for a new dealer and her best friends sells so she gave me his number and now he's my #1 go to guy
  20. Id love if my mom smoked with me. Shes very bitchy and uptight. She could use a laugh. She just recently started watching "weeds" with my wife and is really into it. Hopefully itll finally be the breaking point for her.

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