Getting high with cat?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by life like weeds, May 11, 2011.

  1. Anyone ever get high with their cat?

    Mine was in a playful mood so I pulled out his bag of cat nip and my bag of people nip, and now he's rolling in a little pile of it while im finishing off a joint.

    Funny as hell to watch.
  2. Hahaha I've done that so many times.

    Have you ever given it fresh catnip? Like just picked from the plant? They love it and sometimes they just eat the leaves. I used to grow it in my backyard and it's a perennial too.

  3. Yes i have. It keeps coming back, no matter how little i water or care for it.
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    Haha yeah I didn't do anything to it and I live in upstate NY it kept coming back.
  5. coehsp: i live in upstate ny too! :D
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    Nice I'm right outside of Syracuse..
  7. Lmao! My bag of people nip :D
  8. I love blowing smoke and hanging out with cats. Seems like when I have a nice high going, cats are right on my level of chill.
  9. My cat doesnt eat nip, she rolls around in it ... so to keep the floor or wherever from getting messed up I just put a couple tsp of nip in an old sock and play sock toss with her.

    She is so cute when she is stoned =) She just lays there on her back with her eyes haof shut, drooling and purring really loudly =:hello::smoke:
  10. Haha, i live in upstate NY too. I'm up by Massena though :smoke:
  11. I'd be careful talking about getting animals high...I got an infraction for mentioning that my cat liked the smell of it :confused:
  12. ^^ mods around here are assholes. lol

    edit: I mean *really cool people
  13. coehsp: im live near canandaigua
  14. lol i was smokin a blunt wit my girl in my room and my cat wanted to come in my room so i let him in an he must of inhaled some smoke so he saw the window (the window was closed) and he jumped anyways he hit his face on da window lol it was epic lol

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