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Getting high the fun way

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by The XIII, May 25, 2009.

  1. What's the funnest way to get high smoking mids? What can you do to make the high last a longer amount of time.
  2. Well I personally like gravity bongs for smoking anything. It conserves a lot of bud too. Try it out.
  3. no idea if its legit, but try eating a mango like 30 min before you smoke. the chemicals in it and shit will make your high better. i always just take huge rips from my bong and it does the trick.
  4. Gravity bongs are tight. But, if I am smoking less expensive weed, I always LOVE a good blunt. Or a knife hit, those are fun too.
  5. ive always found knife hits too hard when baked. bongs are great fun. you get super high and you can deal with harsh smoke after a while
  6. I dig carrying around a little pipe. When you asked what's the most fun way to get high, my first thought was "go to a river." Always fun times with friends.
  7. i just picked up a half ounce of mids and ima go hit the gravity bong. 2 bowls-high as shit. ima go smoke three. :smoking:

    what is a knife hit?
  8. A knife hit is when you heat up knives over a flame, have a tub with a bottom opening and a top opening, and then put the bud between the knives and twist it. Have a friend inhale through the top hole, while you vape the bud under the bottom hole. Then switch roles.
  9. The funnest way is to be with your girlfriend or a girl u like and smoke from a gravity bong then shotgun ;D

  10. I tried this and it worked for me, but maybe it was a placebo effect.

    This, definitely
  11. about the mango, think a Naked mango smoothie would work?

    not that i have any bud.
    wishful thinking.

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