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Getting high on a test day?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by peacelovep0t, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. Well mid-terms are coming up and I was curious as to how being high can affect test scores. I'm a straight B student so I'm not too worried about the test but, would being high on a good sativa in any way help me concentrate? Anyone have experience with high test taking?
  2. It varies from person to person. Have you ever tried studying while high before? How'd that work out? Trying a mid term high if you've never done it before isn't the smartest move, in my opinion - but I play it safe. If you like to go big, by all means go for it :smoke:

    Also, damn you have some late mid-terms!
  3. I'll try it on a quiz or something beforehand!

    And yeah I'm like what the fuck February is not mid-way through!
  4. If you studied high, take the test high. If you studied sober, then take the test sober. What ever mindset you were in when you studied will be the mindset that you will remember the material the best. Still though, in all reality studying and taking the test sober will leave you the best results.
  5. I would say no be conservative! From my own personal experience it doesn't work tried studying high and took the test high fucking bombed that shit got a 63 percent on my math test.... Dont do it. Smoke after :) reward your self for the good work you did by getting stoned!

  6. I have personal experience with this, and I'd say it actually depends on the subject. I wouldn't be surprised if you scored better while high on abstract subjects, like English, art, etc. But as for rule oriented subjects like math and science it could absolutely destroy your scores. I guess it depends also on how you are when you are high. If you've had experience with weed enhancing your school performance, I'd say go for it.
  7. What I normally do is smoke and hope for the best, lol. But it defiantly makes me have a lower score because of lack of motivation, if its a writing exam. But if its multiple choice I do much better on the test/quiz.
  8. I personaly smoke everyday, so I passed a lot of tests while smoking the same day... never noticed any performance lack.
  9. HOW old R u
  10. I wouldn't recommend it unless you are the kind of person that is high 24/7 and smokes throughout the day. I'm still sober more often that I am high and the one time I decided to smoke before a test it didn't turn out so well.
  11. When I took some test highs I got the following marks.
    (Was some very, very nice Hash that I smoked throughout the weeks with the tests below).

    Social interactions subject or some shit - 97%
    Math test - 45%
    Political studies test - 78%
    English - 87% first, 92% second and 98% third test.

    But I'm in The Netherlands so I'm not sure how to translate the subjects we have here.
  12. Alot of the time when I smoke before a test its unintentional, in that I forget about it but its never before big midterms or finals. It makes them a drag to complete since youd rather be off doing what you want but id say most of the time if i know the material and it isn't higher math it makes scores better by comparison, just my experience.
  13. I always try to take tests high, it's hard if your not used to it though.
  14. Everytime ive smoked before a test ive not done too well probably because of the subject (psychology) that i had to go to. But im sure if i smoked before a history test (my best subject) i wouldnt do too bad.

    So i guess it really depends. I had hard time studying while high... mind was in other places
  15. Study high take the test high and vice versa.

    I stated away from doing essays I couldn't proof while high...
  16. I smoke EVERY TIME before I study, because it allows me to concentrate better on whatever I'm studying. I study high and test sober. :) It works for me, but may not work for some people!
  17. Back when I was in high school and I first started smoking, I had made the mistake of eating a brownie before a Calc test and let's just say it was hard for me to pick up the pencil, much less finding the answer to the questions. Surprisingly I got an 83 on it but I didn't do it again.
  18. Do the test high, get high scores. It's that simple.
  19. I dont think I could take a math test high. Im great at math, but numbers turn to shit even when im the slightest but stoned. Iv taken a few science tests high, and generally got 80-90 on them.

    As others have said it will depend on you and the test you are taking, as well as how often you even smoke in the first place.
  20. a friend and I took the SAT together .... she blazed and did roughly 15% better than me. I decided to take the test again, blazed, and proceeded to doubt my intellect at all for doing something so stupid and if it was to late for vocational training.

    write a paper (short paper) on a boring ass novel for class on sativa...but DON'T take a major test thinking it will enhance your performance.


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