Getting High on a plane

Discussion in 'General' started by Vermolas, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. So Im going to Australia to visit an uncle in Melbourne....

    15 hours in the plane :eek:

    I thought that maybe I could sneak some Marijuana Nutella in my carry-on and munch on it while im in my seat. Do you think it's a good idea? Do I have any risk of getting caought?
  2. Are you going international?
  3. I was also in this dilemma, but decided against it.

    When I got to the airport, I didn't see any dog, and I didn't even get the xray thing, just the metal detector. I really should of brought something.
  4. Well, It's a flight from Boston to Melbourne so yes, I think it's international.

    Well, the marijuana nutella smells slightly like weed if you hold it up to your face but i dont know how good the dogs can smell.

    I know that coming from outside and going to he us, there are dogs at the baggage claim area. maybe Australia doesnt have them.
  5. dogs can smell things through sealed soup cans and shit

    but idk how they could prove it was weed, they might just think the dog wanted some nutella
  6. marijuana nutella?

    how do i get my hands on this?
  7. It's not worth getting put in jail for life, no.
  8. dude its all gravy.

    dont even work aobut it if its nutella

    i made it threw security with a pipe in my pocket and two bags of weed in my carry on that i didnt even know where there.

    i hadnt slept for three days..

    they have no concern for little abouts its just like big amounts and bombs

  9. its nutella not a dead baby full of weed
  10. :cool: Its a very easy recipe.

    I can give it to you if you want.
  11. can i have that recipe too??! :)
  12. of course :D
  13. I was going to answer but i think this whole thing is against the rules.

  14. na

    just keyster it!
    prison wallet:cool:
  15. I would eat the "weed nutella" right before you get out of the car at the airport and then you don't have to worry about getting popped going through security. It's an edible so it will take a while to come up and will last much longer than smoking. If you get the dosage correct you could be zonked and sleep for most of the flight. Then when you finally come to, you will still have a buzz and you'll be in another country and you won't be arrested.
  16. Bringing weed on a plane isn't a very good idea, unless you've made the exact same trip several times and you know there will be no dogs.
  17. If you saw the movie Midnight Express you'd think twice about trying to smuggle drugs through an airport. ;)
  18. Why dont you just eat them before the flight and not take the risk

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