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Getting high off tea - So many questions.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by SmokeTheTea, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. My friends and I were joking around and we don't have weed so we were like let's smoke tea! Hahaha.
    Basically, I have loads of questions..

    1: Is it okay to roll with bible pages? (I know how to roll and everything. I'm just way too fuckin lazy to go get rolling paper lol) (And I obviously wouldn't use pages that are printed on)
    2: Will tea at least give a small like novice buzz? (I'd prefer if people who have smoked tea answer this)
    3: What type of tea will give the best buzz?
    4: How many hits would it take do you think to get a buzz off it (I'm a 110 pound 5 ft 4 girl)
    Yeah that's all..
  2. Horrible troll.
  3. well first you shove half the tea bag up your vagina and send a picture to 1800yourfuckingretarted,,, then you lace the tea with crack and smoke it out of a camels ass.. any questions?
  4. Tea does give you a SMALL buzz but barely even worth it, along with catnip. Just go buy weed.
    The other night I added blueberry tea to my bowl for the taste. :smoke:
  5. woah so many vicious responses.
    Thanks CrescentHigh.
    I was being dead serious I wasn't trolling..
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    You're an idiot.

    disrespect doesn't fly here.

  7. [​IMG]or gtfo
  8. How? I don't understand lol
  9. I don't get why you guys are getting so worked up about this. I mean I'm sure it's proved somehow that you can get high off smoking tea.
  10. Its kind of like making qwiso, just need to add some heat to the equation. Pour the brisk into something small and glass with a flat bottom, heat it so that the water evaporates out of the drink, then scrape all the stuff thats left over. Thats like concentrated tea hash right there dude
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    The best tea is earl grey tea, don't smoke weed then though, kills the buzz :rolleyes:

    Edit: shouldn't of said that, it does help with nausea though lol

    discussion of other drugs isn't allowed in the city ~ pawlywog
  12. Incase your not a troll,

    Don't smoke tea, it probably isn't the best thing for your lungs. If your really looking for a Buzz, I suggest going to parties and asking around, someone WILL have bud (or its not a party I guess). Especially with you having boobs and all, no one will mind smoking you out. Then just ask who your smoking with if you could buy some off of them or if they know where you can buy some. Walla :D
    Also, I hear that many pizza delivery drivers know where to find some green, and most limo drivers and hotel people are drug dealers. SO yeah

    And if you fill uncomfurtable looking for green, go to your LHS and look for there "legal" highs section. Stuff like spice will probably kill you in the long run, but hey if your just looking for a one time stone it won't fuck with you.
  13. well if u wanna smoke something try damiana its a relaxing herb gives a mild body stone or relaxing when smoked.(or in a tea basically)

  14. Try mixing red wine and bleach with the tea and smell the fume, if this doesnt work just drink the mixture.;)
  15. Thanks guys.. I guess my first post did sort of sound like a troll. But like I said my friends and I were joking around. Cheers to those who helped out. You others are bare tossers.
  16. Ive smoked about 2 diferent tea blends before just for curiosity. Basically what i got from it was this:

    -It does not give you a buzz
    -It takes and smells like shit and nothing like how youd imagine
    -I was smoking out of a good rolled joint and the hits were still harsh as fuck
    -Also it takes forever to burn off. youd be passing it around for like 15 minutes until it goes out.

    i see no point in smoking it. it might cause relaxation for some but thats about it
  17. Don't smoke tea.

  18. If you're not like 11, then you are a real idiot
    Oh wait, even an 11 year old knows better. Did you ever huff paint?

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