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Getting high off someone's smoke

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by fatb0123, May 13, 2011.

  1. So I'm on a T-break, day 2, and being in college, I'm always around people who smoke a lot. I was just wondering, how high can you actually get if someone breathes out their smoke into your face? My friend just blew one into my face I took like a half breathe and I feel SLIGHTLY high.
  2. I used to take a hit, then blow it in to my x's mouth as she breathed in, she loved it and seemed to get high. Im sure it loses most of it's potency once it's been smoked once. But if u breath some in, I don't see why u can't get high from it..
  3. Yeah true that lol I just don't want it to fuck up my tolerance break if I'm around it.
  4. yeah i feel you OP, its kinda annoying knowing your breathing in smoke and I think it does get you slightly high.

    i'm basing this on the fact that i've purposly drunkenly inhaled second hand cig smoke and got that buzz
  5. Unless they do it like ten times it shouldn't make a difference. Just tell them to stop and don't be there if they hotbox. There isn't much cannabinoids in smoke that's already been inhaled so it'll take a lot to make a difference.
  6. Eh, depends on the person really. If you usually smoke a lot every day and haven't for a couple days, it might affect you more since you're used to smoking so much. Your tolerance probably lessened a little within those two days even. I'm sure it has the ability to make you slightly high, but not much more, unless your straight up takin shotties to da face.
  7. Jeez, just ask him to bust you down! Second hand cigarette smoke is the fucking worst, hate when people smoke that shit next to me. When I used to smoke them I didn't really notice it, but after quitting the scent is unbearable.

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